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Refunds & Replacement

We offer only the BEST premium grade of durian to our customer with satisfaction guaranteed.

Replacement will be provided if 50% or above of the durians received are unripe/watery/sour durians. In such circumstances, customer is required to inform and send us video of the spoilt durians within 2 hours upon the delivery of durians through WhatsApp/email to our customer service. The rational of doing so is to collect data for analysis in order to minimize the happening of such problems as well as to improve our services to customers. We will provide one to one replacement or fully refund in 1-3 working days.

Tip Top Durian reserves the right to cancel any order by giving advanced notice. A full refund will be given in such cases as all our durians have to pass through a high standard of quality control, failing which we might have to cancel your order. We promise only the best quality durian meat for our customers.