Responsibilities for all the page role

We here to declare that we refer our official Facebook page or social media platform of Tip Top Durian to We claimed this social media link, as “our”, “us”, “ Tip Top Durian” or “the social media platform” in the mentioned policy below.

The content of the social media platform is for your reference purpose to know more about Tip Top Durian’s product and service. You, as a user of Facebook, acknowledge that the given information or shown content of this website may contain any inaccuracies, incompleteness or errors and we exclude all the liability to the fullest extent permitted by law. We reserved the right (though not the obligation) to, in our sole discretion.


Daily posting and engagement

The employee of the personal account that assigned for the page role must preclude from proclaiming views on disputable public issues in any public forum and must not take part in illegal action or illegal group in support of specific causes or movements.

Employees are not allowed to do posting content with hate speech, threats of violence, harassment, or racial epithets our social media platform which violates the law and our organization’s code of ethics or both.

If you post, share, reproduce the resources of Tip Top Durian as a social media user instead of share from our Facebook account, you could make a disclaimer by using the hashtag #TipTopDurian to your post and you acknowledge your online activity may be associated with the reputation of our organization. You take whole responsibility for the accuracy of the post online about Tip Top Durian’s products and services.

Any social media user that is not unauthorized to use our content, design, layout, look and appearance for your purpose will give rise to a claim for damages and/or be the criminal case and we will bring further legal action if we find any individual or entity misuse the content relating to our brand in the event that is a conflict with our product and brand image or convict any criminal through our information or content of the social media platform.

Any user or customer that approaches Tip Top Durian with all the expired campaign or campaign who made campaign closure announcement will not be entertained.



A user should not open another new social media channel by using our existing resources such as content photo or graphic or on the contrary, without first getting approval from the admin or those who manage the main social media platform of Tip Top Durian. For a query about the new channel request process, please contact

If employees find the opportunity to create a new social media account that supports company goals, they should pitch their ideas to the director or the personnel included before they execute the plan.


Daily customer service

Employees are encouraged to participate appropriately in the conversation around Tip Top Durian on the social media platform. Employees are encouraged to answer questions of the approaching customers or users from comments of the post or inbox which align with Social Media Policy of Tip Top Durian.


Security Protocols

Employees are not allowed to assign the page role without permission from director.

Employees are not allowed to disclose the password to others without permission from director.

Employees are not allowed the internal communication regarding the promotional activities including the advance ad and preparing campaign before the ad and campaign are launched to the public.

Employees are not allowed to disclose the personal information of customers including name, phone number, email and etc to the third party without authorization.


For further advice on social media policies, please contact

Telephone: +60 12-6729841