positive review  Yes! Very nice nice nice. Will order again. 👍

    Henry Tong Avatar Henry Tong

    positive review  Top Durian Delivery Service in KL Town

    Ken Lee Avatar Ken Lee

    positive review  Puntuality service. Excellent packaging.

    Syaiful Izam Othman Avatar Syaiful Izam Othman

    positive review  Durian quality is superb. Creamy and nice texture with yummylicious fragrant that can smell from afar. All durian are packed nicely and come with thoughtful gloves to enjoy.❤👍👍 Durian quality always maintained and worth every penny spent. Best food indulgence of life enrichment.🏆🈵️💯 I've never expected their durian mooncake taste just like real durian, confirmed 💯 authentic 猫山王。I can just having them over and over again!

    Florence Loh Avatar Florence Loh

    positive review  The packaging looks beautiful and definately their Durian Musang King is fresh, creamy and so tasty. We really love to eat it. Yummylicious😋😘👍

    Janice Wong Avatar Janice Wong

    positive review  Sweet, bitter, milky taste and dry texture that sticks onto your throat. Good stuffs and i will definitely order again!

    Sharon Seow Avatar Sharon Seow

    positive review  Fast delivery. Order at night and get it on the next day 11:30am. The durians are nicely packed and taste really good. Worth for a try!

    Vyona Tan Avatar Vyona Tan

    positive review  fast delivery & nice packing

    Faizal Ibrahim Avatar Faizal Ibrahim

    positive review  很喜欢猫山皇雪糕。猫山皇cheesecake 也很好吃,入口即化。

    Angie Ng Li Ping Avatar Angie Ng Li Ping

    positive review  Good price, great taste and friendly seller, will definitely buy again 😊😊 #tiptopdurianipohvincentlim

    Jack Tan Avatar Jack Tan

    positive review  Packaging was great to ensure freshness and by the smell & taste you can tell it is freshly packed, not overnight or kept durian. Delivery was also quick & prompt. Taste wise was superb, worth the price. Selection of durian was great, will surely repeat order. 👍👍👍

    Maira Gill Avatar Maira Gill

    positive review  直播抽奖抽到榴莲❤️ 非常快速度送到手上 服务一流 味道一级棒 👍 谢谢#TipTopDurian 😊

    Vin Wai Avatar Vin Wai

    positive review  Fresh durian with reasonable price! Just grab if you are craving for durian with no regret.

    Chin-Fui Chang Avatar Chin-Fui Chang

    positive review  Best MK durian desserts so far! From classic MK Burnt cheesecake to their recent creation Premium MK Mille crepe.. superb delicious. And must try their creamy MK ice cream and MK Mochi! Every bite is generously packed with durian pulp. Last but not least, superb customer service by gorgeous Gyselle and Emelia 💝

    Angie Ng Avatar Angie Ng

    positive review  if you are durian lover, and this is the MUST try Tip Top Durian!!! Strongly recommended!!!

    Allen Cheah Avatar Allen Cheah

    positive review  5 stars service and products, cake is extremely fantastic and fresh, never to forget mochi n ice cream delicious👍👍👍 A great Father Day combo package- had a lovely celebration- Tq! Keep up d great service- Dr Teanmulie-

    Teanmulie Ramasamy Avatar Teanmulie Ramasamy

    positive review  Fabulous quality 😋and professional service by Jennifer. Initial quality was not up to expectation but the concern was handled well by her. The replacement was delivered the following day. Very pleasant online purchase journey. I will definately repeat my order!

    John Ng Avatar John Ng

    positive review  First time order, received dissatisfaction on the product that I bought , sent my feedback , am very impressed by getting warm-hearted phone called from the staff , very honest and hardworking to pick up my feedback during their off day. Very beautiful service. Getting the replacement products with lots of complimentary items on next day. Very prompt delivery. Finally can enjoy the superb taste delicious durians that meet my expectations.. !! Very 😋 Highly appreciated of their excellent service and fast pace replies 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 More ‘likes’ to TipTop Durians 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 Will soon repeat order and add purchase on others products too ❤️ Good packaging ✅ Good product quality ✅ Good packaging material ✅ Good service ✅ Good product presentation ✅

    Elaine Kok Avatar Elaine Kok

    positive review  Fresh and fast delivery. Responsive to queries. Recommended!

    Theresa Chew Avatar Theresa Chew

    positive review  Convenient way to get good quality durian. Delivery was on time. Packaged well although one pack tasted a bit wet and soggy.

    Badrul Hisham Avatar Badrul Hisham

    positive review  6月第一次买了这个蛋糕给我老公庆祝父亲节,原本只是想试试的心态,没想到那么好吃,猫山王榴莲芝士蛋糕、猫山王ice cream、猫山王mochi,全部真材实料,全部都很好吃,价钱又公道,这个月7月份我又订一set啦😝,服务态度依然很好👍 简直就是5星级⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

    Joey Chan Avatar Joey Chan

    positive review  Fresh and delivered on time

    Khirran Kumar Avatar Khirran Kumar

    positive review  Nice and yummy durian.thumbs up

    Betty M. Chan Pt Avatar Betty M. Chan Pt

    positive review  Nice durian. Will order again. Recommended.

    Denice Chew Avatar Denice Chew

    positive review  quality products. i especially love the cheesecake. delivery is as stated so no problems. highly recommend

    Sakigami Jojo Avatar Sakigami Jojo

    positive review  delicious durian cake 👍👍😋 highly recommended

    Lee Chia Ying Avatar Lee Chia Ying

    positive review  i won durian mochi during one of their giveaways! Delivery was prompt and the mochi was so so good. would definitely recommend

    Raveena Nagotra Avatar Raveena Nagotra

    positive review  多谢老板,品质保证一对一包换 ,孩子们都说 good

    Wong Kit Ming Avatar Wong Kit Ming

    positive review  Best Durian. Must try it out!

    Louise Wong Avatar Louise Wong

    positive review  The durians are so yummy! Well packed and labelled and fast delivery. Will buy again.

    Li Hong Avatar Li Hong

    positive review  榴莲新鲜 味道浓郁 口感一流 包装卫生 有心思 服务一级棒

    Jeff Cheah Avatar Jeff Cheah

    positive review  Taste like actual durian 👍 very smoothing!

    Wymen Chew Avatar Wymen Chew

    positive review  Bought combo C. Love the neat packaging from them. They really put in effort, durian is fresh and tasty.

    Suriyani Putri Ramlee Avatar Suriyani Putri Ramlee

    positive review  best durians in town.must try.

    Leong Yee Ming Avatar Leong Yee Ming

    positive review  nice durian..will order again

    Yuanyuan Ng Avatar Yuanyuan Ng

    positive review  Very good service and reputable seller...will be my long term durian supplier!!!

    William Choong Avatar William Choong

    positive review  The cake is really delicious and high quality products! Good service too! Must try👍🏻👍🏻

    Kim Tjun Avatar Kim Tjun

    positive review  Delivery on time,and the.taste still can.be accepted....yummy😋😋😋

    Edwin Ng Avatar Edwin Ng

    positive review  Nice packaging & good service 👍🏻 Durian taste Yummy 😋 definitely will re-order again 😊

    Mars A-jj Avatar Mars A-jj

    positive review  第一次吃榴莲burnt Cheesecake 真的非常非常好吃😋😋😋, 因为我是榴莲迷口感非常的特别每一样榴莲做的都非常浓厚味到。大家可以买来试试不吃真的对不起自己😘

    Winnie Lai Avatar Winnie Lai

    positive review  Super Good Service 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 这是我第一次order 他们家的durian cheese cake 途中发生了一点小插曲 原本想告知店家叫他们注一点 没想到他们二话不说就送我这些赠品👍🏻👍🏻 如今的服务态度真的是一流 也超级推荐他们家的durian cheese cake 真材实料 👍🏻👍🏻 Highly Recommend 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Jenny Wong Avatar Jenny Wong

    positive review  Ordered twice & both times also never fail to surprise me. Kudos for bringing us fantastic Durians (and Durian Cheesecake) & keep up the good work! Highly recommended!

    DrAndrew Chiew Avatar DrAndrew Chiew

    positive review  Very good durian indeed. Fast and order being pack luxuriously and you can keep track of order. Must order from durian if u in kl tq tiptop durian

    Yip Chung Yu Avatar Yip Chung Yu

    positive review  fresh musang king delivery on the same day in vacuum pack, definitely will order again!

    Edison Chan Sze Han Avatar Edison Chan Sze Han

    positive review  Fantastic service! Placed order at 8pm and delivered by 9.45pm same day! Individually sealed pack in plastic container and pack in a handy box for convenience. Love the packaging! High quality of Musang King is really top notched. Cravings satisfied!

    Azyan Amalyna Avatar Azyan Amalyna

    positive review  Great , nice durian , good

    Alanna Adrian Avatar Alanna Adrian

    positive review  The musang king cheesecake is fantastic, I would give a 5 star rate for this. I am I durian lover and tested many different durian cake and I am sure this is one of best in KL.😋

    Janson Lee Avatar Janson Lee

    positive review  Fast delivery & yummy.

    Noreen Noordin Avatar Noreen Noordin

    positive review  best durian in town. must try

    Zoe Khor Avatar Zoe Khor

    positive review  Highly recommend their Durian Mooncake! Fresh & PURE Musang King without any artificial flavourings packed nicely in their beautiful box! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Khay Ryn Avatar Khay Ryn

    positive review  Luxury packaging and durians 👍🏻 Ideal gift for ur loved ones

    Grace Ng Avatar Grace Ng

    positive review  Durian & Service was Tip Top. Would buy again!

    Lars Reuter Avatar Lars Reuter

    positive review  This is our 3rd time buying from TipTop Durian. Love the packing and its really fresh.

    Barath Malla Naidu Avatar Barath Malla Naidu

    positive review  謝謝老板“Tip Top Durian”🥰我妈今天收到好开熏🥳,运输速度超级快👍🏻榴蓮冰皮月餅還附上祝賀卡和金色的刀叉,好精致美丽😍 祝老板生意兴隆!

    Rex Rex Yong Avatar Rex Rex Yong

    positive review  怡保名牌榴莲 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

    曾麗佩 Avatar 曾麗佩

    positive review  Highly recommend! The cheesecake and durian was super nice and fresh! Addicted to it! Love love

    Jackie Wong Avatar Jackie Wong

    positive review  Good quality durians. Tao keh so also very friendly and nice. Anyone thinking and considering? Well, think no more. Just go ahead and place your order. You'll be glad you ordered. Best of quality and fresh.

    Stephengos Gan Avatar Stephengos Gan

    positive review  Highly recommend this. Nice packing and taste really very delicious. 😍😍😍And now with the promotion of Cham of the Cham package, must purchase this. 🥰

    Jc Jess Avatar Jc Jess

    positive review  Durian was soft and good quality! Very friendly staffs too... my order reached on time despite ordering in the evening 😊 beautiful personalised packaging suitable as a gift to loved ones 😀

    Tanusha Dorairaja Avatar Tanusha Dorairaja

    positive review  excellent service and quality service

    Maggie Tay Avatar Maggie Tay

    positive review  dapat free mochi, aiskrim dan (pulut durian).

    Nik Rizal Avatar Nik Rizal

    positive review  Their Musang King Durian Burnt Cheesecake 6″ is a boom!!! Must try!😂

    Ah NiuJie Avatar Ah NiuJie

    positive review  fast delivery, good packaging and value for money.

    Margaret Mo Avatar Margaret Mo

    positive review  The quality of durians received was excellent. Delivered at the agreed timing too. Also included complimentary durian cake and ice cream. Loved the flavours of the musang king ice cream. Overall, impressed with their service and quality of the products. Will recommend.

    Agnes Kumarajothy Avatar Agnes Kumarajothy

    positive review  good customer service, quick response and fast delivery

    JP Taro Avatar JP Taro

    positive review  Great services and good packing will buy again

    Issani Isa Avatar Issani Isa

    positive review  Sure.. 100% recomended.. Love it

    Azman Ira Avatar Azman Ira

    positive review  great deal with free delivery

    Stephen Lim Kok Seng Avatar Stephen Lim Kok Seng

    positive review  Have ordered twice from TipTop and not been disappointed. They are very responsive to feedback, and when my aunt's durians weren't quite up to standard they replaced them. Whole durians arrive in a styrofoam box, opened ones in a lovely cardboard case and in arranged neatly in plastic tupperwares. Looks great as a gift for durian lovers! Green Skin and Green Dragon durians were especially delicious! Will definitely reorder! Edit: Ordered a 3rd time, this time Musang King. Superb service, fast delivery, and the durians were top notch!

    Jin Choong Martin Avatar Jin Choong Martin

    positive review  Mochi durian n musang king ice cream very2 good😍😍😍 nice

    Henne See Avatar Henne See

    positive review  Durian is fresh, my gf love it a lot. Really appreciate with Amelia helping out on facilitating with the cutomer services end. Definitely recommend it!

    Nicholas Ong Avatar Nicholas Ong

    positive review  Trustworthy seller , nice packing without smelly

    Ng Siew Keng Avatar Ng Siew Keng

    positive review  TipTop Durian crepe cake yummy n delicious. Each layer are super fresh n taste original durian flavour. Delivery on time. Good service. Highly recommended. 😋😋😋

    Elisa Yap Avatar Elisa Yap

    positive review  Delivery was prompt, the fresh durian was great, and the pastries were awesome. I ordered Kucing Tidur, which was exactly as described, bittersweet. The durian was packed in a plastic container but there's also an additional layer of thin cardboard and a couple of moisture absorbent pads. So, no chance of water pooling around your durian. The musang king burnt cheesecake was ok, but the musang king mochi was spectacular. The filling was generous, bursting with musang king pulp taste, and the mochi layer was not too thick and so soft. Many thumbs up!

    Madelyn Toh Avatar Madelyn Toh

    positive review  我做了一首诗,送给Tip Top Durian和Gyselle主播, 因为他家的榴莲流心月饼是100个赞👍 流心月饼留住大家的心; 榴莲月饼值得大家留念 感恩主播送的月饼,我做首诗让主播念念,主播送我月饼尝尝,真的很好吃,真材实料。盒子一打开榴莲香气扑鼻,很棒。。

    Allen Kiew Avatar Allen Kiew

    positive review  got our fix of durians this evening... freshly vacuumed packed and in trendy packaging too. Savouring every bite... thanks for your great services. Highly recommended to all durian lovers.

    Zohrab Chong Avatar Zohrab Chong

    positive review  Super nice durian cheesecake, ais cream and mochi, strong taste like eating durian, especially mochi is super soft and nice, my whole family love it so much, definitely will reorder again

    Yvonne Lai Avatar Yvonne Lai

    positive review  Yummy durian recommended for all who craving for durian and cannot go out to search for durian. They deliver right to your doorstep easy.

    Veronica Wong Si Yeng Avatar Veronica Wong Si Yeng

    positive review  solid service n durian of high quality..ordered many times. value for $$. ll continue ordering from TipTop. bravo well done.

    Peter Choo Avatar Peter Choo

    positive review  Fast delivery and good explanation nice service keep it up 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💖💖💖💖💖💖 better than fews durian stall that we try before. Tiptop Durian very nice and fresh definitely worth it

    Nick Foong Avatar Nick Foong

    positive review  First time buying durian online. Bought from Tip Top durian last week. One of the box does not taste good - watery, tasteless and cakey. I feedback to the seller and they replaced one box to me with minimal delivery charge. Their packaging is superb and the customer service is also great.

    Belinda Ya Mei Avatar Belinda Ya Mei

    positive review  Absolutely amazing durian moon cakes!!!! And GREAT customer service and 100% trustworthy, responsive and responsible seller!!! I really recommend ppl to buy the products from this site!!! Wonderful experiece!! 🥰 happy mid autumn festival everyone!!

    Dilys Wei Avatar Dilys Wei

    positive review  品质和包装都很棒,而且还可以真空,保留了榴莲的新鲜度 👍👍

    Avan Low Avatar Avan Low

    positive review  Best durians with good quality.

    Khor Lee Lee Avatar Khor Lee Lee

    positive review  Received my durians finally. Delivery a bit late but it’s so yummy and the quality is good. Thank you Jennifer for your great customer service

    Nikki Gee Avatar Nikki Gee

    positive review  Yummy, tasty, fresh....kids love it.. I adore the packaging...so convenient..recommended to friends too👍👍👍

    Yanti Rahim Avatar Yanti Rahim

    positive review  Best Deal around the town!!

    Ong Chee Yeong Avatar Ong Chee Yeong

    positive review  Same-day delivery, nicely packaged & sealed to keep the freshness 👍

    Norazlin Abdul Jalil Avatar Norazlin Abdul Jalil

    positive review  Good quality DURIAN...the RM198 Package is packed professionally with 3 types of durian. Very good service from Seller! Glad TipTop Durian is selling all types of species including those Penang award winning durians. The ‘Ang Hae’ is lemak & bitter sweet (but I still think Penang soil gives even a better taste on lemak level). ‘Green Dragon’ is smooth & sweet. Overall, YUMMY durians, will buy again from Seller and like to try other durian species...Ehh...maybe Black Thorn and Lipan, next ??!! 😋✌🏻

    Coreen Cheah Avatar Coreen Cheah

    positive review  Rm1, what to wait? Go and try b4 it's too late

    Suki Chong Avatar Suki Chong

    positive review  Their customer services was good, answered all my question before placing order. Durian delivered within the stipulated time. Packaging was good to maintain the freshness of the durian. Overall, good services.

    YinPei Fan Avatar YinPei Fan

    positive review  Everything was superb😁excellent customer service,fast delivery,nice packaging,the durian is really yummy and nice.fresh! Worth my money..

    Yuyun Ishak Avatar Yuyun Ishak

    positive review  best durian. must try it.

    Anjoe Chen Avatar Anjoe Chen

    positive review  The durians are in good conditions and tasty. Price is reasonable too. Thanks for the service and update before delivery. 💙

    Cheoktho Mateh Avatar Cheoktho Mateh

    positive review  Very friendly seller. Durians taste good. Nicely packed and speedy delivery. Happy buyer here ! Thank you 😍😋

    Wendy Foong Avatar Wendy Foong

    positive review  Great durian with great service. Beyond my expectation. Well done!

    Harry Wong Hon Meng Avatar Harry Wong Hon Meng

    positive review  Delicious durian... bought it for Mother’s Day and they packed nicely with abit of sweet touch a small flower and a card. Thank you...

    Yenny Doangk Avatar Yenny Doangk

    positive review  Superb musang king, and on top of that the staff gave WOW customer experience! Immediately sent a fresh batch of musang king cuz the runner made a mistake with my order. Really tip top durian with tip top staff and tip top service! Highly recommended 🎉

    Zatil Hanani Avatar Zatil Hanani

    positive review  Love the way they packed their durian is it seal and delivered to me safe and nicely. Durians taste good is fresh and not those frozen in the freezer type. For those who love durian get from TipTop Durian.

    Rachel Wong Avatar Rachel Wong

    positive review  Tip Top Durian, taste good and delivery in time, good service Come support Tip Top Durian... 📣 One of the The Best In Town and City.. 📣

    Kelvin Loo Avatar Kelvin Loo

    positive review  The best durian in town !

    Stephanie Leow Avatar Stephanie Leow

    positive review  BEST DURIAN, MUST TRY !

    Xuan Chua Avatar Xuan Chua

    positive review  Durian Cheese Cake is so delicious! My family like it so much, even my kids! My mum usually doesn’t like cheese cake, also love it! It’s taste durian and eat likes ice cream durian too! If you’re Durian Lover, You Must Try It! Recommended Seller!

    Wendy Quah Avatar Wendy Quah

    positive review  Nice nice nice 👍! Nice durian

    Yen C Avatar Yen C

    positive review  Just can’t get enough of their Durian Ice Cream…so creamy

    Chau Kf Avatar Chau Kf

    positive review  durian yg sgt fresh..packaging yg sgt cantik..durian disimpan dlm bekas yg sgt rapi..dealer yg sgt ramah n delivery yg sgt cpt..suke sgt2..❤️😋😘

    Hasikin Mokhtar Avatar Hasikin Mokhtar

    positive review  Fresh like just opened! Yummy!

    Thum Chun Teng Avatar Thum Chun Teng

    positive review  Good deal and nice! Love to eat durian!

    Winnie Mooi Avatar Winnie Mooi

    positive review  Best durian cheese cake in town.

    Wei Cong Tan Avatar Wei Cong Tan

    positive review  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ durian sangat baik .. nice .... boleh repeat lagi...😁

    Suhaimi Rahmat Avatar Suhaimi Rahmat

    positive review  Pleasant experience with TipTop Durian overall. Hygienic packing, fast delivery service with order tracking and great quality durians. Highly recommended!

    Cindy Ong Avatar Cindy Ong

    positive review  Packing is good and service is great !

    Celine Tan Avatar Celine Tan

    positive review  The MSK burnt cheese cake is really yummy. Highly recommended.

    Anette Wsum Avatar Anette Wsum

    positive review  Super rich taste!! love it

    Abii Cii Avatar Abii Cii

    positive review  Real Durian Mochi, very nice😋

    Sook Fang Lee Avatar Sook Fang Lee

    positive review  Wowoo, this is the best MK durian mooncake I ever had. Truly irresistible!. Love the smooth skin and pure & dreamy melt-in-mouth durian filling. Will definitely recommend to family and friends😋😋👍👍👍 @Tip Top Durian. Happy Mid Autumn Festival

    Elsa Chia Hua Avatar Elsa Chia Hua

    positive review  Before ordering durian I did some survey because I m worry that it might be a scam. After survey I feel it should not be a scam. Then I proceed to my durian ordering. The next day I received my durian on my selected slot timing. The durian taste so good. Highly recommended! Tip Top Durian is not a scam 😄

    梁珈闵 Avatar 梁珈闵

    positive review  Durians came in a well sealed container arranged in a very pretty box.Very clean and hygenic with no smell at all until you open the box. All 3 types of durians were so good and fresh. Very tasty, very satisfied. Excellent service. Highly recommended. Craving satisfied.

    Rathiga Narayanan Avatar Rathiga Narayanan

    positive review  Durian very nice. Ripe and smooth. Very good quality, and the mochi also very nice if u love durian, it is a must try. Delivery also on time even though it is raining heavily. Staff also very friendly and helpful. And even help write wishes in card if u want to give as a gift. Definitely will buy again. Highly recommend to give this a try.

    Eileen Ho Avatar Eileen Ho

    positive review  Seller very nice person👍Durian very Tip Top and taste super nice 🤤 price be worth buying 👍

    Calvin Kw Avatar Calvin Kw

    positive review  Excellent! Very friendly talk with Gyselle in attending & resolving my home address issue and to my surprise she knows it was me who called - it means they keep their customers close and personal and attend to customers promptly. I will definitely come back!. Great job! -Azli

    Ilza E Dias Avatar Ilza E Dias

    positive review  Excellent Service.. Good Quality.. Nice Packing..

    Alan Yong YL Avatar Alan Yong YL

    positive review  Best Durian burnt cheesecake ever 😍😍 great service 👍🏻

    Pearly Low Avatar Pearly Low

    positive review  服务很好,又新鲜 ,物流服务快。值得推荐👍👍👍👍👍

    Ky Kee Avatar Ky Kee

    positive review  Fantastic durian for my small craving. It was so easy to order and the delivery was pretty fast.

    Rizal Khan Avatar Rizal Khan

    positive review  Super good durian burnt cheese cake 😋😋 My family and I love itttttt

    Amy Thew Avatar Amy Thew

    positive review  Very good Musang King 😍👍👍

    Faiza Saleh Avatar Faiza Saleh

    positive review  Sudden craved for durians last Sunday. Put in order 4.45pm and received it at 6.15pm. Last minute Father's Day suprise for my husband. He likes it and say it is high quality MSK

    Janice Wong Avatar Janice Wong

    positive review  Owesome! Fast delivery! N so sedapppp!!!

    Fizah Ishak Avatar Fizah Ishak

    positive review  Very nice💯

    Olivia's Ling Avatar Olivia's Ling

    positive review  Service is splendid and the products are amazingly good! Bought 5 times and still not getting enough of it👍👍

    John Wong Avatar John Wong

    positive review  Very gud quality durians with prompt service. Nice Packaging as well. THANK YOU!

    Kalaimathi Kumanan Avatar Kalaimathi Kumanan

    positive review  1st time ordered durian online, overall ok, prompt delivery. only 1 box is a bit watery when arrived. other 2 boxes are in good condition.

    Angel Lee Avatar Angel Lee

    positive review  Nice & fresh durian, fast deliver

    Drason Cheong Avatar Drason Cheong

    positive review  This is my 2nd purchased. I bought the Musang King Durian Burnt CheeseCake. It's so delicious 😋 My family and friends love it so much. The taste of the Durian and Cheese make it so creamy inside, is like having dIce-cream too. Overall is worth having it at that price.

    Kevin Tan Avatar Kevin Tan

    positive review  taste good....got mine today....best will be Green Skin Kia species among others la.... deliver here fresh and no moisture water inside boxes...all well pack....😋😋🤗🤗👍👍👍

    Rebecca Tan Avatar Rebecca Tan

    positive review  Nice , fresh and delicious 😋, will definitely order again

    Carmen Sim Avatar Carmen Sim

    positive review  5 stars service and products, the customer service Belle was doing excellent job, keep tracking and update the status accordingly, the cake is extremely fantastic and fresh, will buy again for sure.

    Mun Hong Avatar Mun Hong

    positive review  Very tasty n good quality Worth your money

    Subasangari Ap Letchumanan Avatar Subasangari Ap Letchumanan

    positive review  The durian is good. worth the purchase and craving satisfied

    Leau Siang Jing Avatar Leau Siang Jing

    positive review  Ordered my durian and it arrived within 90mins as promised! Great selection too. It was unfortunate that one of the packet was sour. However, upon providing feedback to them, they had offered to send me a new packet. I really appreciate the thoughtful & attentive details from tiptop durian. Not to forget, the representatives are friendly and helpful.👏🏻👏🏻 The new replaced packet was excellent and delicious! Would definitely repurchase!

    Hui Xian Avatar Hui Xian

    positive review  Good quality product. Delivered ahead of time. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended.

    Nieda Iqbar Avatar Nieda Iqbar

    positive review  Thank you very much for the sweet surprise 😍 Consistent quality 😌

    Annie Lim Avatar Annie Lim

    positive review  Ordered yesterday night received today afternoon. Quality of durian was superb! Service was great! Will definitely order again soon. Amazing.

    Madeline Lee Avatar Madeline Lee

    positive review  Mochi is really nice..my favorite one

    Tanit Khumpakping Avatar Tanit Khumpakping

    positive review  Superb packaging..just tried one container and it was sooo sedap..got screw up on my order but Belle did some awesome customer service job..can't wait to finish all..highly recommended 🤩🤩🤩

    Anna Johan Avatar Anna Johan

    positive review  We ordered set combo A (sweet type). The durian is really fresh, taste really delicious,awesome... The packaging is really professional way...they also include plastic glove,really think about hygiene way for their customer... We are really sure will order again from Tip Top Durian... I give 5 ⭐️

    Dirayah Dollah Avatar Dirayah Dollah

    positive review  猫山王冰淇淋、猫山王月饼、榴莲 都好好吃😋 超赞👍🏻

    Mindi Sook Min Avatar Mindi Sook Min

    positive review  Very good and fresh durian, delivered right to the doorstep. Really delicious and taste great. Definitely worth and recommended with a thumbs up 👍 👍

    Rosemary Wong Avatar Rosemary Wong

    positive review  Great durian, fast delivery. Must try!!

    Poh Ban Soon Avatar Poh Ban Soon

    positive review  Great local produce and excellent service by the team

    Lay Yean Avatar Lay Yean

    positive review  Fast Delivery and the Durian quality and freshness was able to maintain maybe because of the great packaging.

    Sharon Rogos Avatar Sharon Rogos

    positive review  Craving fixed! Very fresh and nice durians 😋, long waited delivery but worth it.

    Nicol Lieu Avatar Nicol Lieu

    positive review  Great deal and nice durian!

    Chai Li Kim Avatar Chai Li Kim

    positive review  2nd purchase, superb yummy durian😍, good and friendly service ❤❤ Will purchase again As per mentioned in conversation, I LOVE YOU JENNIFER 💋💋🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Alice Theresa Avatar Alice Theresa

    positive review  Order process is so easy with excellent customer service. Great Penang durian selection! Very nice packaging and delivery.

    Lena Boey Avatar Lena Boey

    positive review  Good quality & speedy delivery

    Esther Tan Avatar Esther Tan

    positive review  Durian Indulgence Series - it comes with smooth and creamy texture + long lasting after taste on both cheesecake and ice cream. If you’re a durian lover, you definitely will fall to it!

    Jeannie Ng Avatar Jeannie Ng

    positive review  Highly recommended. 5 star packaging and 5 star service. I like the Naga Hijau, it taste really good and creamy. Will definitely buy from you again.

    Michelle Tung Avatar Michelle Tung

    positive review  Very good & patient customer service, fast delivery & most important good & fresh fruits as promised!

    Ooh HL Avatar Ooh HL

    positive review  Everything is just very good from the service to the durian.. Tip top CX + durian!!!

    Joe Tan Avatar Joe Tan

    positive review  taste great.. like real durian =)highly recommended

    Lim Vincent Avatar Lim Vincent

    positive review  great deal, nice durian, must try it

    Mun Chua Avatar Mun Chua

    positive review  Packaging was neat , taste of durians were good . Satisfied overall ! Will re order . Thanks Jenny !

    Amanda Sun Avatar Amanda Sun

    positive review  Fresh Penang durian and very recommended 👍🏻 Thanks for free delivery during this MCO period. Good job 👏🏻👏🏻 TipTop Durian team!

    Lacy Boo Avatar Lacy Boo

    positive review  好吃! 方便! 快! 包装又美又卫生! ❤ 喜欢榴莲的,一定要赶快下单! ❤

    Jenny Ning Avatar Jenny Ning

    positive review  Durian was really delicious and the packaging is so cool. I will re order and would like to recommend it... Thanks Tip top Durian...

    Pauline Bourquenez Avatar Pauline Bourquenez

    positive review  delivery in 1.5hours as promised! and superbly packed with labelling on what durians are in each container. Gyselle made sure I get them fast and I did. great service.

    Louisa Harrison Avatar Louisa Harrison

    positive review  Durian is great & fresh.. marvelous...good packaging & deliver the fruit on time as requested.

    Norsyafriza Ismail Avatar Norsyafriza Ismail

    positive review  Good service good durian good packaging. Even a sorry card for delivering late! Thats nice

    Naeem Suratman Avatar Naeem Suratman

    positive review  One sweet, one bitter and one bitter sweet, what a great combination! Satisfying and good quality durian 👍🏻

    Anne Tee Avatar Anne Tee

    positive review  Was impressed with the presentation at first, then greatly impressed by the excellent taste and quality. Superb!

    Natalie TL Gan Avatar Natalie TL Gan

    positive review  Tip top!!! Meet my expectation

    Fadli Adlan Avatar Fadli Adlan

    positive review  Extremely delicious 😋😋. This is the best durian cake.

    Teoh May Theng Avatar Teoh May Theng

    positive review  Must try their musang king christmas cake, the best durian sponge cake in town, you will regret if u haven't try it. No joking.

    Andy Woon Avatar Andy Woon

    positive review  Great deal 👍👍👍👍👍best durian

    Hooi Hsien Avatar Hooi Hsien

    positive review  Durian delivery service at its best! 👍👍 Fast delivery, awesomely velvety taste! 😘😘 Always fresh & delicious! 😍😍 Customer service is great as well! 👏👏

    Tien How Avatar Tien How

    positive review  The durian is superb and they managed to deliver on the same day after few hours of order! How awesome is that! Will definitely repeat in future ❤️

    Sheera Syahera Avatar Sheera Syahera

    positive review  the delivery was very fast. takes around one hour to reach my house. the packaging very nice. and the quality and taste was excellent too

    Marzuki Rostam Avatar Marzuki Rostam

    positive review  nice and convenient and fast. thank you. customer service is superb. fast response

    Christie Chrissie Avatar Christie Chrissie

    positive review  If you are looking for a reliable seller with good quality durians, look no further. Every fruit is worth the price that you are paying for. Their packing plus their thoughtfulness in enclosing it with a flower for Mother's Day was indeed special. Thank you Jennifer for your good customer skills.

    Mandy Joan Lazaroo Avatar Mandy Joan Lazaroo

    positive review  Yummy good quality fresh durians with fast doorstep delivery.... loving the tiptop customer service as well.

    Aubrey Lim Avatar Aubrey Lim

    positive review  😋 Tasty 😍 Fragrance 🤩 Smoothness ✅ Value for Money 💯 Satisfaction Thanks Gyselle for that extra miles so that we can taste this wonderful yummy craving taste of Durian.

    Leonard Lim Avatar Leonard Lim

    positive review  is a great deak just for RM1 u can eat the durian

    Jenny Tay Avatar Jenny Tay

    positive review  I fell in love and amazed with the packaging at the first sight, then comes the taste of the yummy mochi, and later the awesome durians. Fantastic! A top notch product from the beginning till the last bit. Five star experience 👍🏻

    Reen Burhanuddin Avatar Reen Burhanuddin

    positive review  Highly recommended TipTop durian to all the durians lover 😍 The durians tasted so good, creamy, fresh and the texture is smooth with the nice packaging. And love their customer service is very thoughtful.

    Cheokyin Chew Avatar Cheokyin Chew

    positive review  Durian sedap...puashati...

    Sambal Hjh Avatar Sambal Hjh

    positive review  Quality durian with excellent customer service by far. Great job and well done guys 👌👍😊

    Ashvin Dwayne Johnson Avatar Ashvin Dwayne Johnson

    positive review  very hygienic packing n durian very nice. very satisfactory .

    Sally Hoong Avatar Sally Hoong

    positive review  Juicy, pillowy, sweet and fresh durian received within and hour or so after ordering. Amazing service by Ms Jennifer via wA. It was delivered in a lovely box, all wrapped and labelled. Will definitely order again! Thanks TipTop Durian for satisfying my months of durian craving🥰

    Maison Shaik Abdul Rahman Avatar Maison Shaik Abdul Rahman

    positive review  Best deal for fresh durian

    See Kay Avatar See Kay

    positive review  Nicely packed and high quality.

    Serene Tan Avatar Serene Tan

    positive review  Delicious durian only 2 hours delivery same day

    Muhammad Khair Avatar Muhammad Khair

    positive review  Buy 3rd times this mth July 2020, very good durian quality and also thanks for Belle, tip top after sales service checking with me. Will recommend someone who love durian and buy it from Tip Top Durian via online. Easy and Fast Delivery same day. Thank you. Cheers.

    Alex Lck Avatar Alex Lck

    positive review  durian quality was superb!! same day delivery was surprisingly very fast...packaging was tiptop...will definitely repeat.. 👍👍👍👍

    Umi Fatanah Remli Avatar Umi Fatanah Remli

    positive review  durian mochi的口感很好吃!超爱! ❤️❤️❤️

    Joey Joy Avatar Joey Joy

    positive review  I purchased the fathers day set for my FIL's birthday + fathers day celebration yesterday. He was so delighted and blown away with the delicious taste of the cake + mochi that he even said he never tasted cakes as delicious as the burnt durian cheesecake as yummy as this ever in his life. 👍👍👍👍👍

    Nurhayati Rosly Avatar Nurhayati Rosly

    positive review  Just wanna to say TQ to pretty Gyselle for your tip-top service😘..Of coz tip top durian too.

    Sam Kin Avatar Sam Kin

    positive review  First time customer. Impressed with the product which arrived within the specified time, and was very well packaged. Enjoyed the quality and taste of the durians, ice cream and coconut jelly. Will definitely purchase again. Highly recommended. I am also impressed with the attention to customer care and retention. Thanks. 😊

    Ganesh Arumugam Avatar Ganesh Arumugam

    positive review  Excellent quality, super fast and efficient delivery, nice packaging.

    Mohd Arshil Avatar Mohd Arshil

    positive review  Nice durian especially the Hulor and Black Thorn !!!!

    Liang Yu Ong Avatar Liang Yu Ong

    positive review  货真价实!价钱合理却是五星级品质✨好吃到没朋友!我本身特别喜欢他们家的猫山王榴莲和Coconut Jelly,回购了很多次。店主人好好👍 服务周到信息秒回,送货时间可以自由选择安排得很细心,很满意❤️

    Nana Yang Avatar Nana Yang

    positive review  Thanks for gift!Good service and delicious durian

    Coco Yan Avatar Coco Yan

    positive review  For some reason, the durian burnt cheese cake I ordered was spoiled. After communiting with the staff, they replace me a brand new durian burnt cheese cake and automatically upgrade my previous order from D24 to MUSANG KING in the next afternoon. I sincerely thank Gyselle and appreciate for her prompt reply and arrangement. My whole family enjoyed the delicious cake too~~

    Clemence Chow Avatar Clemence Chow

    positive review  delicious 😋..loving the durian. thanks to my sister and friends

    NL Cassie Avatar NL Cassie

    positive review  😂謝謝Tip Top Durian的精裝榴蓮冰皮月餅🥮😃服務速度好快哦🤗下午開播🤔月餅轉眼間剛剛晚上溫暖送到了🍀雖🎁🉑他們依然服務神速💐✨榴蓮冰皮月餅還附上祝賀卡和刀叉🥮體貼到只要開口切了叉來吃就好了😘謝謝🍀🎉

    Ojibala Ojibala Avatar Ojibala Ojibala

    positive review  I have to say...Cheese Cake, Mochi & Ice Cream are superb delicious !! Ideal for those who are durian lovers

    Louis Rui Xin Avatar Louis Rui Xin

    positive review  Simply wonderful. Prompt delivery. Best of all, the selection is spot on. Since delivery is pulp only without the skin, it is value for money.

    Rosli Ramli Avatar Rosli Ramli

    positive review  very nice packaging and good customer service. durian are deliver fresh. I order package B. one box turn out not good and seller replaced next day. very good. take responsibility of their product unlike other seller who will ignore feedback. thank you seller.

    Poh Ching Lim Avatar Poh Ching Lim

    positive review  Love the durian so muchie .. Highly recomended 😍

    Maya Ew Avatar Maya Ew

    positive review  哎哟,看到朋友share 就二话不说买来try! 没有想到那么好吃!

    鄭麥克 Avatar 鄭麥克

    positive review  fast delivery. fresh durian. the best packaging in town

    Thalex Thong Avatar Thalex Thong

    positive review  Received good quality musang kings.sweet n creamy.super lovee ❤️❤️❤️

    Qiqi Aqillah Avatar Qiqi Aqillah

    positive review  Best durian in town ....

    Pau Lye Avatar Pau Lye

    positive review  Best durian in town, must try

    Jesslyn Phuah Avatar Jesslyn Phuah

    positive review  Really delivery to our home

    Ys Low Avatar Ys Low

    negative review  Paid RM198 for boxes. 3 boxes also mixed with those no rippen. Particularly Green skin I chose. Never had such bad durian with the price. Disappointed as they are supposedly to make my parents happy but the other way round.

    Rachel Liew Avatar Rachel Liew

    positive review  Delicious durian.. Highly recommended to all durian lovers.. Nice packaging and good service.. Thank you Jennifer ❤️🥰

    Syahirah Sabari Avatar Syahirah Sabari

    positive review  Taste good 👍🏻 Got free unique folk & spoon in the box 📦 for Durian moonCake

    VH VVian Avatar VH VVian

    positive review  really enjoy it, the durian was great!!...delivery service just on time

    Hud Halid Avatar Hud Halid

    positive review  Good quality durian & fast delivery. 👍👍👍

    Catherine Neoh Avatar Catherine Neoh

    positive review  This is my 1st order and received it yesterday evening. There's some delayed and the reason given was they want to ensure the durian quality deliver to me it's good. And yes, I'm impress with the durian that I've received. The customer service it's good too especially the contact person Jeniffer. Definitely will order again.

    Andy Toh Avatar Andy Toh

    positive review  Delicious mochi, taste like real durian.

    VyVy Yong Avatar VyVy Yong

    positive review  谢谢老板直播抽奖送出的红虾榴莲👍🏻 一级棒 +新鲜+卫生👍🏻👍🏻 直播抽奖还没结束直播已经收到留榴莲送上门了 服务态度一级棒 👍🏻👍🏻

    Chock Wai Yen Avatar Chock Wai Yen

    positive review  MK durian Good buy, everything good from durians to weight, delivery. More expensive than others but worth it. I tried a few but this is the best. Recommend : buy

    Nelly Teh Avatar Nelly Teh

    positive review  Quality of the durians were really good! It was fleshy and truly yummy. No regrets..enjoyed to max😃😃

    Jackz Jagvinder Avatar Jackz Jagvinder

    positive review  The Durian so great n yummy. Don't miss it. You should try it yourself. I'm happy and satisfy with their durian. Thank you so much.

    Sue Cindy Avatar Sue Cindy

    positive review  1) Tip Top Quality 2) Nice Packaging 3) Fast Response

    Sarah Zaihan Avatar Sarah Zaihan

    positive review  I purchased it for father's day and it was so glad to hear that they love it very much.

    Goh Ai Tee Avatar Goh Ai Tee

    positive review  best offer.. must try!!!!

    Chai Siew Yeen Avatar Chai Siew Yeen

    positive review  First time I tried the durian ice cream that is so pure. When you eat the ice cream, is like u are eating the real durian. Even the mochi and the cake worth the value. Do try it and you guys won't regret and even thought of taking more. 😊😊❤️❤️👍👍

    Quek Chek Shen Avatar Quek Chek Shen

    positive review  Great durian, reasonable price, must try.

    Bibi Tee Avatar Bibi Tee

    positive review  包装干净有诚意,送到开箱直接吃。任意三种名种榴莲,我拿到的是 林凤娇,坤宝,青皮。。。。唉,血压高咯。。。

    Kah Win Lee Avatar Kah Win Lee

    positive review  Its worth of promo from them! Lovee it!

    Ida Liyana Avatar Ida Liyana

    positive review  The best durians in town.

    Jennifer Lily Avatar Jennifer Lily

    positive review  超好吃! 完全不腻 ! 榴莲很正😍🥰🥰

    Grace Ng Avatar Grace Ng

    positive review  Best Durian. must try.......

    Kelice Tan Avatar Kelice Tan

    positive review  😋 is “Zhu Ji” small seed and “co ba” 古肉 Very nice. Shiok. Will come back again👍👍👍

    Tan Grace C T Avatar Tan Grace C T

    positive review  Very good durians and very prompt service. Tiptop really cares abt customer satisfaction.. so they will go out of their way to make us happy..

    Idora Abdul Malek Avatar Idora Abdul Malek

    positive review  The musang king cheesecake tastes very good...the durian and cheese is rich...highly recommended!

    Ryan Chang Avatar Ryan Chang

    positive review  Nice and very hygienic packaging for the durians. Ordered 3 boxes of MSK Grade A and taste was superb and yummy! Timely delivery with notifications for tracking. Great service and great durians! Recommended!

    Jamie Sok Ching Avatar Jamie Sok Ching

    positive review  Very nice and fresh durian,must try😋😋😋

    Xuan Chin Avatar Xuan Chin

    positive review  Durian delivered was very good quality, very nice & neat packaging and punctual on time delivery. The service & products were excellent 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻. 5 Stars ⭐️.

    Nazrina Othman Avatar Nazrina Othman

    positive review  From now I will only order from Tip Top! Have to say everything is Tip Top - ordering, selection, delivery, packaging, taste! Thank you so much! So happy Xxxxxx

    Cecelia Alphonsus Avatar Cecelia Alphonsus

    positive review  Prompt delivery service, durian well packed and arrived in nice packaging wt TQ card. 😊 Thumbs up for the fresh and yummy durian👍😋

    Jennifer Ng Avatar Jennifer Ng

    positive review  謝謝Tip Top Durian的精裝榴蓮冰皮月餅🥮运输速度超级快,榴蓮冰皮月餅還附上祝賀卡和金色的刀叉,好精致❤️

    SY SY Avatar SY SY

    positive review  convenient n fresh durian

    Ezzlynn Lum Avatar Ezzlynn Lum

    positive review  Received my yummy durian today. well pack and great customer service from jennifer

    Pit Ngan Avatar Pit Ngan

    positive review  Best durian best offer, must try

    Fuji Apple Avatar Fuji Apple

    positive review  Nice packaging with safety seal the durian. One order can taste few durian varieties. Will re-order the Durian Pizza again.

    Richard Low Avatar Richard Low

    positive review  Fast delivery, fresh fruit, very good packaging and service. Definitely deserve a 5 star ⭐️. Highly recommended and will buy again. Thanks.

    Nur Azitah Taha Avatar Nur Azitah Taha

    positive review  Best musangking durian burnt cheesecake i have tasted so far! Very punctual delivery service. And i have ordered from them multiple times. Never disappoints ☺️👍🏻👍🏻🌷

    Veronnie Thu Avatar Veronnie Thu

    positive review  superbbb taste ... 😋😋will order again

    Hiranya Nitha Avatar Hiranya Nitha

    positive review  Best Musang King Burnt Cheese Cake I've tasted! Love the strong durian's pungent aroma and creamy cheese texture. The packaging design is very elegant and beautiful. Definitely will buy again!

    Alister Ng Avatar Alister Ng

    positive review  Truly enjoyed the fresh tasting durian. Now, it is attest online durian can taste as good as buying from a fresh market. Loved the taste of Musang king as it worth the price with smaller seeds and thicker flesh.

    Joseph Gnapragasan Avatar Joseph Gnapragasan

    positive review  Good quality durians. Delivery ahead of time. Good customer service. Good "after sales" service. Strongly recommended.

    Benedict Goh Avatar Benedict Goh

    positive review  Very nice packaging and looks nyummy for iftar

    Nurul Farhana Avatar Nurul Farhana

    positive review  Excellent service and good durian. ❤️ Fast delivery 🚚

    Pandora Ho Avatar Pandora Ho

    positive review  I am durian lover, and this is my first time bought durian online, and I didn’t regret buying online. I am soooo loving it. Thinking to have the golden packaging as Raya give away to the loved one!

    Aleef Qapmimroo Avatar Aleef Qapmimroo

    positive review  Good service and delicious durian.

    Jennifer Soek Fong Cheong Avatar Jennifer Soek Fong Cheong

    positive review  Now Yes, After the purchase of rm298 set. .. Have some issues. But they are very aggressive... They will follow up after sales services...they will give compliments on the mistake they make. Thank you so much the compliment durian you given us for a replacement... Tq Kally Ow

    Ow Kally Avatar Ow Kally

    positive review  Wow! the mooncake is super delicious. the skin texture is amazing. The Puree is so pure. The consistency is just nice and sweetness just nice !! On Spot ! love it ! thanks so much Elsa For this lovely gift. It definitely lights up the festival. 😘😘 thanks also tip top durian for coming out with this excellent product. Yum!

    Soo Yin Ng Avatar Soo Yin Ng

    positive review  Received my durian yesterday. Durian taste was good and nice🤗

    Kumaran Karuppiah Avatar Kumaran Karuppiah

    positive review  yummy and fresshhyyy highly recommend

    Chian Crystal Avatar Chian Crystal

    positive review  First time order durian delivery. It's for my mom's bday. I text then after 12am but they stil layan me. 👍Musang habis. They said green skin super duper premium n nice. So took da set B. Rm198 +15felivery fee. Received order da next day(3 boxes). Unfortunately, the quality of da durian is over rated. 2 box tasteless, 1 is good. Then commented to the seller. They responded very quickly n sounded very sincere. Said mayb due to rainy season and wanted to give another 2 boxes. Then received another 2 boxes, both r better than before. 1 is OK, then other 1 is extremely good n taste premium. OVERALL, I'M SATISFIED WITH THEIR PACKAGING(MCM YES N HIGH CLASS). THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SUPERB!!!!!!! Not sure will go buy again or not Coz da durian quality is not consistent. Mayb wait during good season..

    Rain Foong Avatar Rain Foong

    positive review  Excellent musang king. Their musang king is by far the best that i have eaten. The bitter sweet taste is superb. It came in a tightly sealed bag. The durian is dry without much condensation. I encountered some problem with my delivery, it was resolved promptly by their customer service through a phone call. Excellent service and excellent product quality. It even came with a complimentary durian sticky rice which taste really good. Highly recommended seller!!

    Amy Chong Avatar Amy Chong

    positive review  Nice durian!!! Always good to have durian around😁

    WeeZhee Wong Avatar WeeZhee Wong

    positive review  fast delivery, fresh durian..recommended..

    Sharifah Nor Ismail Avatar Sharifah Nor Ismail

    positive review  1 st time tasting the Durian Cheese cake , surprisingly yummy 😋!

    Guatle Soo Avatar Guatle Soo

    positive review  Post-sales service was excellent. Packaging was very personalized with name and personal note. Willing to exchange durian due to watery durian issues due to the rainy weather. Superb post-sales service :) Thank you.

    Soon Ban Yee Avatar Soon Ban Yee

    positive review  Beautifully packed high-quality durian! Excellent customer service as well!

    Alice Lim Avatar Alice Lim

    positive review  The Mao Shan Wang cheesecake is excellent!

    Emily Tay Avatar Emily Tay

    positive review  nice and very delicious taste... good packaging good respond upon request... will buy again

    Umar Ridhwan Avatar Umar Ridhwan

    positive review  good quality durian, fresh delivery from penang to kl and very well packed. the only fresh durian (with shell) delivery from penang that found in town. you can also choose to hv the vacuum packed. recommended!!

    Echo Ec Avatar Echo Ec

    positive review  榴莲月饼香得来不会很甜,口感好好吃 😁

    Adven Soo Avatar Adven Soo

    positive review  excellent durians, fantastic packaging, good service. strongly recommend! Da best!

    Leonard Khoo Avatar Leonard Khoo

    positive review  The Musang King Burn Cheese Cake really tasty and deliciousss😋people who love durian must try.

    Iyvone Wen Avatar Iyvone Wen

    positive review  Fresh and it taste so good 😊. The price and gram ady written very clearly

    Jennifer How Avatar Jennifer How

    positive review  I ordered the Musang King Ice Cream. It's so out of this world! It's really pure durian. Don't think am going to shop elsewhere for durian ice cream. And great customer service too. I love their tagline - It loves you as much as you love it! 😊

    Jasmine John Avatar Jasmine John

    positive review  It just feels like eating the real deal as you can taste the durian with different types of mouthfeel. Its custard like, melt-in-the-mouth, velvety flesh with a mixture of rich and creamy high quality cream cheese. Packed with the best for both worlds - Durian & Cheese. A totally out of this world dessert that you don’t want to miss. It is burnt on the outside, extra smooth creamy texture insides! Not too sweet as it neutralised by the rich bittersweet flavour from the burnt exterior, hence you won’t feel overloaded and for sure will ask for a 2nd piece. 🥰

    Sam Elaine Avatar Sam Elaine