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What is included in the 6 in1 Durian combo package?

Total 1.2kg Durian Pulp for 6 type of Durian with husk 6kg.

Randomly pick 6 Types Durian Combo of below (1.2kg)

Durian D101
Durian D13
Durian D17
Durian D18
Durian D88
Durian D99
Durian Kang Hai
Durian Red Prawn
Durian Tai Yuan

Allowed to request for the specific variety based on availability.

Come with:

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Product Description

Durian D101
Taste: Bright orange flesh and sweet, fragrant taste.
Texture: Sticky treat for those who enjoy less pungent flavors.

Durian D17
Taste: Mildly Bitter.
Texture: Creamy, extremely watery thick texture with very obvious wrinkly skin.

D13 (Golden Bun)
Taste: Fragrant, sweet taste, less fibrous.
Texture: Sticky texture
Seed: Large size

Durian D18 (Sunset Red)
Sweetish, with a faintly bitter aftertaste.
Seed: large seeds with thin and fibreless flesh.

Durian D88 (Little Sweetie)
Taste: Orange flesh and fragrant taste with bitter alcoholic aftertaste.
Texture: Creamy.

Durian D99 (Kop White)
Taste: Very light whitish-yellow flesh.
Texture: Buttery & creamy.

Durian D1 (Kang Hai) Highly recommend & Limited Time Only.
Mildly sweet.
Texture: Small flesh with VERY STICKY texture, it is one of the most sticky sweet type of durian.
Seed: Medium size

Red Prawn / Ang Hae / Udang Merah 
Taste: Fruity sweet taste.
Texture: Beautifully creamy but often a bit too watery.
Seed: Some varieties have tiny seeds, others have large ones.

Tai Yuan
Taste: Bitter sweet taste.
Texture: Thick flesh, stick to the throat feeling.
Seed: Small size

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*Six (6) containers of Durian combo will be served in the combo box.
All types of Durians will be randomly chosen from the following list depends on its availability.

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