Stay home & enjoy durian delivery to your door steps.

+12,528 Covid caeses & enough tiring of FMCO/EMCO and many of them?
Give you and your love one a Durian TREAT.

Not only looks goods and It’s taste perfectly good too!!!
Give you and your love one this special gifting, I can ensure,
Your love❤️one will get surprise and mak
e they day!

Musang King Crazy Durian Combo🔥 (6 in 1)
✅ Musang King Durian D197 – [Durian King]
✅ Tekka Durian- [Durian Queen]
✅XO Durian –[Bitter & Strong Alcohol Taste]
✅Horlor Durian-[ Penang Champion Durian]
✅Kang Hai –[Very sticky and fruity sweet durian]
✅D88- [Orange Flesh that looks good and taste strong aroma]

Look at them how we prevent the spread of Covid-19..
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We believe in human bonding can be connected especially through the King of Fruits, Durian. Gift a meaningful mooncake set to those who stand by you through this low moments in life.