How much is the delivery order fee?2021-08-18T18:00:24+08:00

Shipping fee is calculated according to distance. FREE delivery will be applicable for orders with minimum order amount of RM300. The coverage of delivery including KL & Selangor area. You might have a different payment for your order if your order is out of our delivery’s area range.

How long will delivery take?2021-08-18T18:00:53+08:00

We arrange your order at once after we received your pre-order. You may provide us the time range which is convenient for you to receive the delivery. The delivery will take from 60-90 minutes to reach your doorstep.

What exactly happens after I purchase my order?2021-11-11T13:54:56+08:00

The partnered farmer will handpick the amount of durian in the farm and we will place the fresh durian inside the plastic box consequently pass the order to delivery man and deliver it for you.

Can I change my shipping address?2021-08-18T18:02:47+08:00

You could set the shipping address in your account and the last shipping address will be saved into our data. You could call us or email to us within 5 minutes of your purchasing for any amendment of the shipping address.

Would there any minimum order limit?2021-08-18T18:03:00+08:00

We have our price list for the variety choice of durian. The mentioned weight of the durian is set as whole and could not be adjusted to half amount. We appreciate your full details of information to process the delivery order.

What is the payment term?2021-08-18T18:03:20+08:00

We demand the payment is made in advance after your order. Payment through online banking is accepted for us. Any deferred payment is not allowed for any order.

What is the option of order?2021-08-18T18:03:33+08:00

The durian species including Red Prawn, Musang King, Tekka, Pahang Mas, D101, Black Thorn,and Super XO. We ensure the durian you ordered is quality guaranteed.

How could I track my order?2021-08-18T18:03:45+08:00

You could view your order in your account of the website. Every order details will show in your account.

Can I change or cancel my order?2021-08-18T18:04:01+08:00

You could change your order within 5 minutes of your purchasing. Every changing order is restricted to maximum 2 times. We do not provide any refund for any canceling order.

Could I be your agent ?2021-11-11T14:33:38+08:00

We are aiming to distribute our service to reach out more durian lover. If you want to join our team, may contact Belle (0102069841) or Amelia (0106629841) or email your detailed information to tiptopdurian@gmail.com.


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