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A centralized hub of durian delivery Kuala Lumpur in providing one-stop solution ranging from durian plantation, orchard management, processing, distribution and international marketing. Our full-pledged of durian delivery is aiming to deliver fresh durian from newly harvested to the hand of durian lover with our express door to door service arrangement. We strive to become the best durian delivery Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia so you could enjoy durian with hassle-free.
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Why Choose Us


Best tasting

We always receive the satisfying message from our customers. Some of them even order durian delivery few months before the durian season in case the high demand driving up the durian price.


Consistent quality

Our quality of durian is guaranteed which sourced from large farm that is managed by the durian specialists to ensure their durian is always the best in town!


Prompt durian delivery

We are having the extensively list of customer which always be our supportive fans during the durian peak season! We might not able to execute the arrangement if your order is not under delivery coverage.


Excellent service

Our promising durian delivery service is deemed to lead us to the bigger market to sustain the expanding need of durian lovers. Let us help you to save the time and hassle as durian delivery is the hit now!

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Ordering Process

Start from picking the durian

Familiar with us to Smooth your ordering process! Order durian online for faster durian delivery.

Guaranteed quality of durian from us

The experienced farmer will harvest the durian according to the ripe level of durian which then will transport the huge loaded of basket to their warehouse. Tip top durian always makes sure the durian quality from the start of the process before reaching out to your hand.


The selected refining box case to place durian flesh

Our team choose the box case with discretion at the first to place these picked durian flesh before we hand out the packed durian to delivery man so he could starts off his delivery to your house after your purchase. We always maintain the surrounding temperature to preserve the freshness of durian during the hand-arranged process for the durian packaging.

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Receive your durian within 40 – 60 hours after the purchase

Our efficiency partnered delivery company will arrange the delivery once address is received. Same day delivery in Kuala Lumpur area. Durian is distinguished for its appealing fragrance and  incredibly nutritious which is rich in energy, vitamin and mineral. You could try out different way to enjoy the durian such as durian pancake or durian salad as you could just order durian from us at your fingertip.


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