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About Tip Top Durian

Tip Top Durian was founded in 2020 by a group of enthusiasts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, who in the past found it difficult to acquire consistent good quality durian especially during the hustle and bustle of the day. The group decided that everyone who intend to enjoy durians after a busy day should be able to place an order and receive it within a reasonable time with good consistent quality. Through our dedicated and highly quality team of culinary experts, we also aim to curate the best confectionary for all durian lovers. Tip Top Durian is beyond durian. We combined our love for durian and creative into durian confections, which satisfies your pleasure in each bite. The fact that Tip Top Durian is the name of the brand we will never shortchange the quality of the durian because that is what we want to offer to customers. Given the popularity of our products, we launched an outlet in Singapore in 2021, providing you the best durian product has to offer. As our journey is still in its infancy, we strive to continue delivering excellent durian products and innovate our offerings to ensure you will constantly be satisfied.

Durian For Family

“You don’t need any special chemistry to fall in love because every durian moment with us is Tip Top moment.”

Satisfying Your Pleasure in Each Bite.

Why Choose Tip Top Durian?

Fresh From Farm

Durians are fresh from orchard and only the good quality durians are handpicked for you.

90 Minutes Delivery

Straight to Your Doorstep within Klang Valley.

Affordable Prices

Best enjoyed with friends & family.

Excellent Service

We always ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Our Preparation Process

Start from Picking The Finest Durian
Hand Hold Durian Home Illustration | Musang King | D24 |  Fresh Durian | Durian Ice Cream | Durian Mochi | Durian Crepe Cake | Durian Cheesecake | Tip Top Durian Delivery | Malaysia Top Fresh Durian Online Delivery

1. Guaranteed Quality of Durian From Tip Top

The experienced farmer will harvest the durian according to the ripe level of durian which then will transport the huge loaded of basket to their warehouse. Tip top durian always makes sure the durian quality from the start of the process before reaching out to your hand.

About Us Illustration | D24 |  Fresh Durian | Durian Ice Cream | Durian Mochi | Durian Crepe Cake | Durian Cheesecake | Tip Top Durian Delivery | Malaysia Top Fresh Durian Online Delivery

2. The Selected Refining Box Case to Place Durian Flesh

Our team choose the box case with discretion at the first to place these picked durian flesh before we hand out the packed durian to delivery man so he could starts off his delivery to your house after your purchase. We always maintain the surrounding temperature to preserve the freshness of durian during the hand-arranged process for the durian packaging.

Tip Top Durian | Musang King | D24 | Fresh Durian | Durian Ice Cream | Durian Mochi | Durian Crepe Cake | Durian Cheesecake | Tip Top Durian Delivery | Malaysia Top Fresh Durian Online Delivery

3. Receive Your Durian within 90 Minutes After the Purchase.

Our efficiency partnered delivery company will arrange the delivery once address is received. Same day delivery in Kuala Lumpur area. Durian is distinguished for its appealing fragrance and  incredibly nutritious which is rich in energy, vitamin and mineral. You could try out different way to enjoy the durian such as durian pancake or durian salad as you could just order durian from us at your fingertip.

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Our Product Reviews

  • positive review  Good quality durians. Tao keh so also very friendly and nice. Anyone thinking and considering? Well, think no more. Just go ahead and place your order. You'll be glad you ordered. Best of quality and fresh.

    Stephengos Gan Avatar Stephengos Gan

    positive review  We ordered set combo A (sweet type). The durian is really fresh, taste really delicious,awesome... The packaging is really professional way...they also include plastic glove,really think about hygiene way for their customer... We are really sure will order again from Tip Top Durian... I give 5 ⭐️

    Dirayah Dollah Avatar Dirayah Dollah

    positive review  Pleasant experience with TipTop Durian overall. Hygienic packing, fast delivery service with order tracking and great quality durians. Highly recommended!

    Cindy Ong Avatar Cindy Ong
  • positive review  Delicious mochi, taste like real durian.

    VyVy Yong Avatar VyVy Yong

    positive review  The musang king cheesecake is fantastic, I would give a 5 star rate for this. I am I durian lover and tested many different durian cake and I am sure this is one of best in KL.😋

    Janson Lee Avatar Janson Lee

    positive review  Delivery was prompt, the fresh durian was great, and the pastries were awesome. I ordered Kucing Tidur, which was exactly as described, bittersweet. The durian was packed in a plastic container but there's also an additional layer of thin cardboard and a couple of moisture absorbent pads. So, no chance of water pooling around your durian. The musang king burnt cheesecake was ok, but the musang king mochi was spectacular. The filling was generous, bursting with musang king pulp taste, and the mochi layer was not too thick and so soft. Many thumbs up!

    Madelyn Toh Avatar Madelyn Toh
  • positive review  nice and very delicious taste... good packaging good respond upon request... will buy again

    Umar Ridhwan Avatar Umar Ridhwan

    positive review  Love the way they packed their durian is it seal and delivered to me safe and nicely. Durians taste good is fresh and not those frozen in the freezer type. For those who love durian get from TipTop Durian.

    Rachel Wong Avatar Rachel Wong

    positive review  good customer service, quick response and fast delivery

    JP Taro Avatar JP Taro
  • positive review  Trustworthy seller , nice packing without smelly

    Ng Siew Keng Avatar Ng Siew Keng

    positive review  Sweet, bitter, milky taste and dry texture that sticks onto your throat. Good stuffs and i will definitely order again!

    Sharon Seow Avatar Sharon Seow

    positive review  This is our 3rd time buying from TipTop Durian. Love the packing and its really fresh.

    Barath Malla Naidu Avatar Barath Malla Naidu
  • positive review  The durians are so yummy! Well packed and labelled and fast delivery. Will buy again.

    Li Hong Avatar Li Hong

    positive review  Best Musang King Burnt Cheese Cake I've tasted! Love the strong durian's pungent aroma and creamy cheese texture. The packaging design is very elegant and beautiful. Definitely will buy again!

    Alister Ng Avatar Alister Ng

    positive review  Excellent Service.. Good Quality.. Nice Packing..

    Alan Yong YL Avatar Alan Yong YL
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