What Everyone Is Saying About Durian

Whenever come to biological, I mean durian, you need to know about bio and logical especially when you are the durian grower.

We know that durian knowledge sometime is quite boring and we will try more way to make fun of it.

Let me lead you to the durian world start from their notorious aroma.

Some will mention the durian with rotten smell as “impure” durian and we are still eager to find out how the “impure durian” come from which lead many others hard to accept durian. Maybe even when come to guidance, we should always know how to differentiate which lead is more important, for example, we should start from development stages of durian to know durian well so that we can prevent this issue as below:

  • At some stages, some durian tree totally can’t produce durian fruit but durian grower mistaken it as it can grow fruit.
  • At some stages, some durian tree stops getting durian fruit after several harvest which we called it as half durian tree.
  • At some stages, some durian tree lost their opportunity to absorb nutrients due to variety reasons.
  • At some stages, some durian tree simply don’t have any durian fruit after many years and this concern a lot of durian growers and that’s the reason that there are more and more durian gene research to understand the durian well.

No matter how, we will keep more posted when we find more beneficial durian knowledge.

If you still don’t know durian, you really miss a lot of chance to reach the durian craving satisfaction!