Fighting It Out for Control of Durian Business | As it is our business

Funny comment for durian 😀 (Always be happy)

“To eat it seems to be the sacrifice of self-respect.” —Bayard Taylor, 19th-century Journalist

“You will either be overcome, seduced by its powerful, declarative presence, or reject it outright. And run screaming.” —Monica Tan, The Guardian Journalist

Did you know that…

  • It might takes 5-6 years (sometimes longer) before you’ll get your first durian

  • It isn’t uncommon to determine matured durian trees fail to produce durian due to some uncertain reason

  • Developing durian on the tree may drop earlier, or become impaired and unmarketable due to some uncertain reason

  • Many insect,pests attack durian and a couple of it contribute damage to the main durian tree

  • Many weird fungal diseases attack all parts of the tree including ripen fruits on sale

  • Durian also can endure from physiological disorders such as “uneven fruit ripening”, “wet core” and “tip burn” which make them unmarketable

  • Creepy thieves can smell your ripening durian fruits miles away and sneak in if you’re not aware

  • Natural disaster like drought, fire or an excessive amount of rain may happen and destroy your trees which prevent you from having durian

  • When you have a massive harvest, so other farmers – another bother is happened within the market that would brings down prices, and cause you hard to earn money

  • Marketing the durian fruits are often big challenge as well

Don’t let me dishearten you from knowing durian, be it a hobby or a business venture. The durian could be a very demanding food and you deserve to know better because who knows you’re getting to become a durian grower, or maybe you’re already a durian grower :D!

Say goodbye to zero durian knowledge as smarter durian business world need smarter YOU.