Durian Poem For Durian Cuties

Fresh pungent smells in durian flesh

Your haters compare you to dirty socks

To your edibility, they simply cannot relate so

But who know exactly the taste of bitter-sweet

Your admirers think you cute, and call you sweet

Gather in haste to get that treat

Eating Durian was our main task

Just how much, wish we had asked

Just when you thought that was enough

Your friend coaxed you, another piece was stuffed

Just don’t know when we can finish the food in hask

Rich flavors range in unique tense

Ask for the best type to fit your craving

Note pleasures strange to lovely sense

Trust durian fest with vivid feed

Now you can get the durian, wherever you want

Deep feasts delight on heavy spend

Urge knows the creators of the lovely scent

Lovely scent will get many bug

No matter how, we still like the durian pulp

Indulge fine bits with fond intent

Now find out more the new durians!