Watch your hands! Ouch!! Could I have a durian without spike? XD

Image reference: https://juiceonline.com/thornless-durians-exist-and-ive-never-been-more-disturbed/

In Indonesia, durians are often found without spikes, which is great, as its spiky skin makes handling it be a risk. However, other special durian genes do exist, within the sort of the rare bald durian, which was discovered quite a decade ago in Indonesia.

Scientists are unable to elucidate how the bald durian came into existence. Some of them claimed that it’s going to be either the results of a natural mutation or generated recessive genes.

First bald durian was discovered in 2007 on the island of Lombok, east of Bali. One smooth durian fruit is found on a tree during a villager’s yard on the slopes of Mount Rinjani, alongside a number of normal spiked durians.

The owner’s son decided to test the taste, and discovered that it tasted exactly like the other durians.

The discovery was reported to local agriculture officials and they grafted one onto a tree , hoping that it might produce more of the complex and strange fruit like that. It took the agriculture office many years and lots of more grafts to compare the result that they had been trying to find.