The new durian discovery! Guess it what? 榴莲新发现|您猜中了不?

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/3dprintermalaysia/posts/its-not-a-real-durian-its-3d-printed-musang-king-durian-made-out-of-abs-material/1608023479317719/

Does it look delicious for you (as above)? This is NOT a real durian!

The new evolution is aligned with the “New Plastics Economy” where this substituted sustainable material supports the circular economy, get rid of  waste, magnify the value and apply plastic orderly.

IIUM researcher combined durian skin fibres with epoxidized palm oil reworking it into biodegradable polymer which can be moulded into common food packaging containers.

Durian skin fibre-based biocomposite could be an substituted resources for 3D printing, which is biodegradable and make use of durian skin waste to the max.

Anyway, the printed durian still can harm your hands! :D






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