Know the How-to if you want to eat Durian

You skip durian each time you see durian stall, however for a few reasons, you’re now no longer regular purchaser of durian. Why is that? Is it you see a lot of durian variety yet you don’t know how to differentiate them? Is it due to the fact you in no way appear to stall for durian due to you are just don’t know how to choose the thicker durian flesh among them?

Whatever your concern is, we want to tell you that we do not just help you skip all the worry but we want to deliver the message of how-to pick the best durian as well! We know that the lack of knowledge might prevent you from buying durian but with our insider tips about the way to select the best durian, how to cut this fruit, and a way to keep it if your stomach is too full to have durian, you won’t be stuck in the difficulties anymore.

How to pick the perfect durian

To choose a durian, pick a fruit that is comparatively light and whose stem appears big and solid.

To pick out the best durian, choose a fruit that is lighter with stem appears seems bigger. Shake the durian to test if you heard the seed is moving. Skip the sour smell as those are the bad durian.

Just remember that if you don’t want to pick it yourself, you could always have peeled durian from Tip Top Durian!

How to peel durian

First, you prepare a large, sharp knife for cutting out the durian and glove for your hand protection. Make a deep score in the outer hull and use the knife to pry it open. You may cut the other side if your durian is still not yet be opened. Then, you may pry the hull apart. You may have your durian in the durian hull. Of course, we don’t waste the durian flesh in the other side of the durian hull so we press and pull the halved section apart.

If you still not get it, visit the video from Asian Food Network (afn):


Anyway, it is so safe to eat peeled durian. We, Tip top Durian is able to send you the peeled durian if you are really not capable to do that!

How to store your durian

Store durians in an air-tight box to maintain its strong aroma. Store withinside the refrigerator for minimum of five days.