The hidden durian benefits you shouldn’t miss out!

Enhance Collagen Production

Consume durian fruit as your daily food routine is very useful for refining skin appearance. Collagen is the needed amino acid that aids in shaping not just pores and skin tissues but bones and joints as well. The presence of antioxidants like diet C and antioxidant compounds inclusive of phytonutrients, polyphenols, and flavonoids, etc in durian is the main advantage for the benefits. These prevent skin cells and tissues from the oxidative harm because of the natural radicals and additionally will increase the collagen synthesis as well.

Cure Skin Pigmentation

Durian may be very useful for bringing out the radiance of the skin complexion and facilitates in curing pores and skin pigmentation. The detoxification of the pores and skin cells is contributed by the presence of antioxidants like the ones of nutrition C, nutrition A and phytonutrients, polyphenols, and flavonoid in durians. Besides, the various of minerals in durian fruit can help to reduce darkish spots and scars, alleviate skin appearance, cast off sun tans and lessen symptoms of untimely growing old including wrinkles and aging lines.

Boost Hair Growth

Durian fruit is full of amazing antioxidants that improves blood stream withinside the scalp, and a healthful blood stream guarantees that hair follicles get right nourishment from withinside the system. This advance scalp health and additionally enables the growth of new  hair follicles. Furthermore, different vitamins like diet B complex, zinc, and iron gift withinside the durian additionally performs a huge position in curing hair dandruff, split ends and make certain lengthy and lustrous tresses, with a smooth, vivid appearance.

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We know the durian so well and here’s the new food recipe for you if you prefer have a new flavor for your own craving!


1 durian fruit, pulp scooped out

½ cup shredded coconut

½ cup milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

3 tsp cinnamon powder

Crushed ice

4 – 5 mint leaves


1.Blend the durian fruit pulp thoroughly with the shredded coconut in a bowl in a juicer on high speed.

2.Add this mixture along with vanilla essence and cinnamon powder.

3.Add some milk and blend on low speed.

4.Pour the refreshing durian smoothie into tall glasses with crushed ice, decorate with fresh mint leaves and serve chilled.