Do you really know durian Musang King?

Is there only durian Musang King in Malaysia?

In Southeast Asian countries, there are Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam planting durian Musang King. Among them, the most ordinary is the durian Musang King from Malaysia, and the durian orchard is also regarded as the golden mountain for its high value. Due to the inconsistency of the climate and water and soil around planting durian, the durian produced will come out with taste different. Similarly, the durian tree Musang King varieties could produce durian with different flavors due to different climates and soil conditions.

The durian Musang King produced in Bentong, Pahang, accounts for 80% of the world’s market share. The durian supply is kind of long-term based. The durian output during the off-season is low but can attain approximately 10 tons. The daily output of the durian Musang King in the high season (May period) is at least 400 tons.



虽然南马地区也有一定的产量,但多数人喜欢生产于彭亨州劳务的猫山王。会吃榴莲的人多寻找极品高山老树的猫山王榴莲,而只有彭亨州劳务( Raub)县山顶所产的猫山王品质最好。

Why can I eat durian Musang King Durian anytime now?

Many people may wonder that durian is a seasonal fruit, why can it be supplied all year round? To maintain the best growth status of the durian garden, the owner of the Malaysian durian orchard planted the durian tree on the sloping ground. The water will flow down the sloping ground when it rains, and it will not accumulate in the root of the durian tree. The flesh produced is full and the taste is sweet. Besides, they also plant durians at high-attitude mountain places with as the light on top of the mountain is always more for the durian growing which could produce more premium durian. The durian production will increase consequently to the slope will also bear fruit one after another, and here comes the reason why durian would always have a long production period. Durian Musang King is mostly bean-shaped, we can also differentiate the age of the durian tree from the coloration of the durian shell. The skin of the superior mature durian Musang King is greenish color, and the fruit from the old tree look earthy brown.

Although there is a certain amount of production in South Malaysia, most people just like the durian Musang King that produced in Pahang. Most folks that want to devour durians will look for durian Musang King, which comes from the old tree, and the highest quality is only produced in the mountaintop of Raub, Pahang.


“猫山王”是马来西亚musang的音译,而猫山王榴莲的musang并非指果子狸,是因一个发现者在大马的Gua Musang那里发现这种榴莲树,所以直接以地取名为durian musang king.


Is the durian Musang King come from the old tree better or the  durian Musang King that from the top of the mountain?

“Durian Musang King” is a transliteration of the Malaysian musang, and the “Musang” of the Durian Musang King does not refer to the civet. It is refer to the fact a discoverer located this durian tree in Gua Musang, Malaysia, so he named it durian musang king directly.

The ordinary durian musang King has a bitter taste at first, and then returns to sweetness afterward. Among them, the biggest difference between the durian Musang King and other durians is the thick flesh with small seed. Many people who have eaten durian Musang King claimed that it has thick meat and seed are also very small, thus durian Musang King can’t be propagated from seed. It is vital to depend upon grafting to plant durian Musang King. However, it is difficult to replant it from old trees. I believe few people can master this technique, so the cost of grafting old trees is relatively expensive. Conversely, durian trees with much less than 10 years old are less difficult to replant, because the bark isn’t always very thick and the proprietor can easily graft it.


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