A durian hack for you!

Are you coughing? Be alert! Durian may worsen your cough condition

We know that durian fanatics couldn’t resist the durians but regrettably to share that overindulgence in durians can induce signs such as phlegmy cough. Doctors trust that durian can cause the production of phlegm if you have a cough with yellow phlegm. Although there’s pronouncing that the analgesic and antibacterial content in durian does assist to ease a cough to a positive degree, you are suggested to drink some herbal beverages to cool your body down once you devour a positive quantity of durian. There are nevertheless health-conscious human beings who stay away from consuming the fruit in the hot weather.

Always be sure your oldies are healthy if you attempt to send him/her durian. Durian should accentuate kidney sickness if they got one

For individuals who are suffering from kidney disease or undergoing dialysis treatment, durian must be banned out of your food listing as durian is high in potassium which isn’t an amazing intake for the durian. These sorts of patients ought to always privy to their potassium consumption degree to ensure the stability of medical condition.

Do you understand that durian is good on your skin?

It’s surprising to inform you that despite the fact that durian is not that juicy as compared to different fruits however it’s a reality that durian contains more vitamin C than many tropical fruits. We all know that Vitamin C has antioxidant residences which is beneficial for our complexions such as reduce pigmentation and wrinkles. So, make this fruit as your weight loss plan to attain the beauty outcome however it’s nevertheless great to eat up moderately.

If you feel need to meet your durian craving with a strict meal plan, there is a lot of durian products to be able to consider!

Durian by-products – Durian dessert – Durian snack – Durian beverage

Cooling Durian ice-cream ever

Currently, there’s a durian-shaped ice-cream that becomes the hit of dessert. Despite its form is cute enough which attracts quite a few attention, its natural Musang King content is a cool selling factor as well with none additive, preservative & synthetic shades and flavors. If you are interested, you could take a look at this Bakery below.


Image Source: shorturl.at/yGLM0

Creative Durian tart with roti prata

There is a food recipe which you could make durian cheese tart with roti prata. Kind of a creative way to have you another self-made durian tart. Browse and search for the recipe below.


Image Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhhKIpj_tqw

Have a taste on“Toi Toi” Durian dodol

If you prefer some thing chewy, durian dodol will be your preference. Durian dodol is our local conventional treat and generally could be made by way of Malay at some stage in Hari Raya. However, there is lots of manufacturers produce durian dodol by means of using modern-day technology in Malaysia. Thus, it’s miles not hard to get durian dodol and have some flavor on it.

Image Source: shorturl.at/afmpG

Creamy and tasty durian milk candy

Take a durian milk candy and allow it melt in your mouth is a little relaxing time for your own time. Fill your sense of taste with this king of fruit flavor sure won’t disappoint of yourself!

Did you drink Durian tea before?

Although some of the launched products are already gone, we nevertheless yearn some of the product and we want to recall those memorable taste from some of the food and drink business. For instance, Tealive’s Durian King Smoothie that was released about 2 years back might still get in your brain whilst we mention durian tea. Last year, Tealive tried out the new way of a combination of durian and chocolate into one of their 3 new durian-centered drinks, the Duriang Coco. We look forward to another upcoming launched!

Reference: https://thesmartlocal.com/malaysia/tealive-durian-milk-tea/

Make a fresh Durian juice for yourself

It’s a bit difficult if you look for durian juice out of the market while you’re sick of drinking regular fruit juices every day but who says we can’t make it our own? With simple durian ingredients, you may made durian juice within mins!

Durian Juice Ingredients:

  • Peeled durian
  • 3 Tbsp of sweetened condensed milk
  • 400ml of “half and half” crème
  • Moderate amount of ice cubes


Prepare your regular blender by washing it before using. Put all the ingredients in the blender.  Blend it at high speed for 2-3 minutes and this can be served with two tall glasses. Enjoy your fresh durian shake.

Image Source: shorturl.at/avAO8

You could keep this storage tip for the delivered fresh durian!

Durian lovers is usually adhering to our fresh durian. And the good news is Tip Top Durian is always one tap away from your finger click, visit us when you need fresh durian for the above recipe. We wish you luck for the succeed handmade durian meals. Just enjoy!