Why not try out durian delivery service during this MCO?

We want to announce you that the durian season is reached along the way during this nationwide lockdown.

Although you might miss out on the opportunity to go back Balik Pulao just to taste the best Penang Durian we are here to give you the great news is that we capable to bring the durian delivery service to you!

To align with the compliance of MCO, our durian delivery service is quite a worth try if you are bored out at home and want to try out the golden durian craving when this durian season is reached.

We, Tip Top Durian is here to satisfy your option by providing even more durian varieties including which come from Penang.

Have you ever heard about Penang Durian Champion Award-winning?

The Penang Island City is renowned for its local durian producing which the local council had allocated more than 200 durian stalls at the various wet market for durian sellers to sell their product.

It is one of their local specialty and many will make their way back to Penang kampung to have a taste on this durian.

And now, you don’t have to go far from your own Selangor state far from Penang just want to try out the Penang durian as we are bringing this local famous durian till your doorstep!

For Penangites, you still can enjoy durian through our order online. Our marketer in Penang is always at your service.

So, how could you miss out on this golden delight opportunity!

We strongly recommended the Durian Hu Lor D163 as this durian species is quite difficult to find and reach due to its high reputation that resulting in limited stock with high demanding.

Durian Hu Lor d163 once won the Award Winning of the 1987 and 1988 Penang Durian Competition

It has thick stickiness with yellow-colored flesh which gives you a creamy sweet taste.

However, we still have another option of durian Khun Poh if you prefer the bitter taste of durian. Durian Khun Poh is another famous durian that originated from Penang,

You could easily recognize it by its orange-colored flesh which is quite the color that makes you mouth-watering.

The good news is we are getting both 2 durian species into a combo package which means you could try it all in one package that we are selling.

Besides durian Hulor D163 and durian Khun Poh, there are other durian species including durian Capri, durian red prawn “Ang Hae”, durian Xiao Hong, durian Lipan, durian green skin, durian Ang Bak Kia, durian aeroplane, durian D11, durian D14, durian D15, and durian Lim Fong Jiao.

Are you curious about all this durian that you might have not heard before? Why not give it a try at home!

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