The durian season is coming back again!

Tip Top Durian is coming back for the durian delivery service as usual. We know that you are desperately looking for durian during this season; however, you worry about the risk of wandering around during this dangerous spread epidemic. So, let us take care of your concern by delivering all the durian you want from us!

Durian Capri

Durian Capri is well-known for those experienced durian lovers and they will look for it whenever the durian season is reached. Its texture is thick stickiness for a satisfying craving ever. Sometimes, you will get no answer where their name was coming from, even from orchard owners. Some of them mentioned that flesh is look-alike like a “white pearl” and that’s become their name since ever. Many of them said it is challenging to find this kind of durian species nowadays as all of them were planted by older generation. Still, the 70’s generation starts to plant the durian tree through graft planting due to the uprising demand from the public.


Durian Horlor D163

Have you eaten durian Horlor before? Their outer shape is always presented with an irregular shape like a gourd. They said its taste like chocolate if you try durian Horlor from the old tree that aged more than 40 years old. Their soft flesh has a very tempting golden color and it tastes sweet.

Durian Khun Poh

Durian Khun Poh earned its title as durian king during the year 1991. You can’t deny its delicious taste with the apparent orange-colored flesh. The flesh is thick enough to stuff your whole full mouth.


Durian Lipan

Durian Lipan has white flesh with a sweet chocolate taste. It is usually the preference of all durian lovers as you won’t expect any bitter taste from it. I heard there was a story about the centipede lying under the durian tree which gave it the name of durian Lipan.


Durian Green Skin

The cream-colored flesh from durian green skin could be another flavorful craving for you! There was a saying that the durian green skin is facing a decrease in number due to the mining activities, 



Durian Ang Bak Kia

The Durian Ang Bak Kia, also known as Durian D13, is a sweet species of durian. The deep orange flesh tends to be slightly watery, and the seeds are big. Sometimes, it could act as a substitution for mao shan wang as it has the sweet to bitter and having an alcoholic after taste, which quite strongly recommended.


All durian species come from Penang. Penang Durians is famous throughout Malaysia, and even the local residents have their Penang durian guide because there were many people outside of the state coming far from another state to visit the Penang durian orchard or want to try it freshly.