Why it become your choice? Speak out!

Which durian is your favorite? Here is the choice of durian list with its taste.

Taste varies from individual to individual because everyone has a particular choice. Sometimes, we want our favorite taste to change our mood. Some people fond of sweet taste while others are fond of the sourish or bitter taste. Can durian satisfy the taste buds of every individual? Yes, The variety of durian could ensures it satisfy the different demand of flavours from you guys! It gives you the real, natural taste you want.

Many people merely familiar with the Musang King but there are some additional varieties that grab attention. These varieties are worth trying. Besides we always maintain the taste of every variety from Raub orchard to your home because we strive to provide you the best taste of fresh durian.

musang (2)

Musang king

Great durian and its demanding variety always become the all-time favorite.  However, give it a bite and you will find its creamy texture which gives you a feeling that it is the right choice of the day. Its texture is custard-like which make you enjoy the continuous taste from first to the last bite. Its flavor is the combination of sweetness and bitterness if you don’t like too much sweet taste, than musang king is your perfect choice.

Its bright yellow flash could be used for decoration of your recipe because it enhances the exquisiteness of dish and who knows it could add freshens color in your salad as well!  Nutritionally, it is kind of highly fibrous food and helps you in your robust dieting plan.


If its first time for you to try the durian, then you must try it because its taste is typical. It is an eminent variety like musang king, which is well known before it. Besides, its other name is sultan durian.  Its taste is quite different, and its taste is neither too sweet nor too bitter, but its texture is creamy. If you are not fond of intense flavors, then it will satisfy you. Its aroma is appealing and triggers a desire to eat it again and again. How can you identify this type among others? It has three seeds in an odd shape shell with green color. Its flesh is pale yellow with dense texture.

XO +musang

Red prawn

Why is it called red prawn? Because of its curvey shape of flesh and less intense color, which gives prawn lookalike shape. Its color different from D101 as it is slightly more pinkish in appearance. Its taste is sweeter than any other durian. Sure it will play a part in a dessert in your table after a regular meal.  Interestingly its taste varies with the age of a tree the younger tree produces sweeter fruit than the older tree, which produces bitter fruit.


Durian Tekka 

It is not among the popular ones. So why choose Tekka? Just because of its bitter taste!! If your taste bud like bitter flavor with thicker content, then Tekka would be perfect for you. The texture is thick but usually yields creamy flesh. 

Commercially it is known as green bamboo. Besides, its shape is entirely out of order with large thorn.

It values your money because its seeds are smaller in size, which gives you more flesh. Besides, it is not smooth, but its taste is the real mystery, which is sweet and floral. It is rich in fiber like all durian. Nutritionally it is a healthy addition in your diet.


Durian XO 

The uniqueness of the durian XO is awesome, which is amalgamations of a sweet and bitter taste. Its flesh is juicier than usual durian, its color is curdled cream and pale yellow which creates clear differences from others

This durian XO is possibly the bitterest durian it maybe not everyone’s favorite but absolutely you loved it if it matches your taste. Its seeds are small which gives you more amount of flesh to enjoy.

Now, you can enjoy durian on every occasion and any time. Durian is always a healthy addition at your table. Just pick your favorite durian to make your moment special!