Durian with NO and YES


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美食评论家,安东尼·布尔登(Anthony Bourdain)曾对榴莲点评:“闻起来就像是您将一个手持斯蒂尔顿奶酪的人埋进土里,并在几周后再把他挖了出来所散发的味儿。”尽管他对榴莲的刺激性气味进行了这样有点恐怖的描述,但事实是,不论是在国内或是在国际上,水果之王仍然比以往更受欢迎,尤其是当中国批准了从马来西亚大规模进口冷冻水果以满足中国人对榴莲这种特别的风味胃口。

Anthony Bourdain,an food expert commented durian: “It smells like you bury someone holding the stilton cheese and dug him out of the land after a few weeks.” Although he gave such harsh descriptions on the durian, we still can’t deny its popularity within the country or overseas. Especially when China approved a large amount of freeze durian import from Malaysia to satisfy the special flavor of appetite from Chinese people. 

IMU Healthcare的营养师李博士专家传达榴莲是个富含卡路里的水果,这有着水果之王著称的榴莲原来热量也是卡路里之王,每100克具有147卡的热量,超过了山竹、菠萝蜜、荔枝和番石榴。意思是如果一个人在聚会上不小心吃了15粒种子,它们将消耗相当于三碗米的热量!

Dr Lee, a nutritionist from IMU healthcare stated that durian is a type of fruit with calorie-dense. This King of the fruit even win its crown in the world of calories, as its calorie is higher than most of the fruit, every 100g has 147 calories which surpass mangosteen, jackfruit, lychee, and guava. Means if one of the guys consumes 15 seeds unconsciously, he/she is consuming the equivalent of three bowls of rice!


Food Never Eat with Durian


Take care of your heart and kidney 

榴莲和山竹同食,这两种水果纤维丰富,进肚里后吸水膨胀,极有可能引起便秘。此外,这两种水果都含有丰富的糖类,同时食用所以会加重高血糖和糖尿病患者的病情。 榴莲和山竹中过高的钾离子对于肾病、心脏病患者不利,得注重适量食用。

Durian can’t eat with mangosteen. These two types of fruit contain high fiber and quite quickly get swell after absorbing water and could easily cause constipation. Besides that, these two kinds of fruit contain high amounts of sugar, and it’s not beneficial for those who suffer from hyperglycemia and diabetes. Excessive potassium in durian and mangosteen is not suitable for patients with kidney disease and heart disease, so they should pay attention to moderate consumption. 

榴莲不能和螃蟹同食。 由于榴莲与螃蟹都是高蛋白质食物,容易造成肾脏的负担。

Durian can’t eat with crab. Due to durian and crab are high-protein foods, they can easily cause kidney burden.


Durian can’t eat with milk. There have been cases where Chinese tourists ate durian milk in Thailand after eating durian, which led to a spike in blood pressure caused by caffeine poisoning and sudden death from heart disease. He died at the age of 28.

榴莲和山竹同食,由于这两种水果纤维丰富,进肚里后吸水膨胀,极有可能引起便秘。此外,这两种水果都含有丰富的糖类,同时食用会加重高血糖和糖尿病患者的病情。 榴莲和山竹中过高的钾离子对于肾病、心脏病患者不利,得注重适量食用。

If durian and mangosteen are eaten together,they absorb water well in our stomach, which may cause constipation due to these two fruits are rich in fiber. In addition, both fruits are rich in carbohydrates. It will aggravate the condition of patients with high blood sugar and diabetes if consume at the same time. Excessive potassium in durian and mangosteen is not suitable for patients with kidney disease and heart disease, so you should pay attention to eating in moderation.



 Prevent internal overheat

Do not eat durian with eggplant. Both foods are “heat”  foods, and eating together can easily cause the body to get internal overheat.



Protect your body!

Do not eat durian with warm-natured foods, such as beef, lamb, dog meat, etc. and seafood. If durian is eaten with warm-natured foods, and the symptoms of an overheat can cause other high-risk diseases.



Protect your life!

Do not eat durian with wine. The hydrogen sulfide of durian can affect the digestion of alcohol through the liver. To prevent blood vessel obstruction or stroke, you must remind yourself at any time not to eat durian and want to have a cup afterward as you might have to suffer from it!

Source: https://bumbumcak.my/boleh-atau-tidak-bayi-dan-kanak-kanak-makan-durian/


Can a one-year-old baby eat durian?



We do not recommend the baby to consume durian due to the reason below:

Whenever the baby reaches one, they could have different amounts of teeth, and he/she may have their first ten teeth, although their teeth grow fast. Some of the babies have their first 2 or 3 teeth. 




Durian has its fiber and still needs to chew it before we swallow in.

One of the features is that durian is sticky, which could easily choke their throat and trachea. This might lead to suffocation if we didn’t pay much attention.

The throat and trachea of a baby are much smaller, so it’s not suitable for them to eat durian to prevent them from having breathing difficulty.

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Can pregnant women eat durian?


Pregnant women can eat durian, but it is encouraged not to consume it too much. Durian flesh contains various vitamins, rich in nutrients, and its unique smell gets it the name of King of the fruit.


The nutrients of durian are high, besides its high sugar content, protein, and fat, which are beneficial for the human body. From this perspective, pregnant women could consume durian in moderation.