Crispy recipe and cooling popsicles recipe ;) —— from Tip Top Durian

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Durian crispy and crunchy rolls/ Durian roll

Try crispy and crunchy rolls that are packed with delicious durian puree. Although it fries in oil due to durian it gives you flavor which insists you forget about oil. When you eat its crunchy crust delighted you as much that you want to try it again.


Mashed durian puree ½ cup

Egg 1

Milk 1tbsp

Rice paper 7-8

Oil for frying

Icing sugar

Corn flour 2tbsp


Take a bowl mix 1tbsp of corn flour in a durian puree. Let it freeze so it is easy to scoop out later. 

Beat egg in a separate plate uses the remaining 1tbsp of corn flour for coating. Take panko on another plate.

Dip rice paper in a hot water for 3-5 seconds. It will soften the rice paper. 

Don’t dip rice paper for too long because it will make it extra soft which is difficult to handle. 

Put a spoon of yummy durian puree on the rice paper then roll it finally, dips in the egg and coat with corn flour then in the panko

Place the rolls in an oily surface to avoid stickiness

Heat the oil then dip rolls in it when starting to sizzle and its color changes into golden brown color take it out

Sprinkle icing sugar on the top to enhance the taste

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/family/Popsicle-Recipes-Kids-23675925

Children favorite popsicles

Mothers why are worried? We know you are worried about your children’s health don’t have to worry because this food recipe will be a healthy addition. Children are very annoying when they come to the food they obsessed with unhealthy food. You can gradually change the habit of children from unhealthy to healthy food by trying this scrumptious recipe. Besides, it is easy to prepare. Nutritionally it is healthy as durian fruit


  • Durin 400g
  • Caster sugar 5tbsp
  • Full cream milk 250ml


Blend all the ingredients in a blender. After blending it become a smooth and silky fluid. Pour in a mold. Let it freeze

Quick recipes


Take Fresh durian flesh than Blend it in a blender until durian chunks homogenized. Add some sugar or honey, ice and milk then blend it again. All the constituent mix well. Serve it in your favorite glass. Its taste makes you feel fresh and active. Nutritionally, this smoothie is a source of carbohydrates and vitamins.

Healthy salad

Fresh green lettuce 200g

Finely chopped durian 150g

Banana leaves

Chili ½ tbsp

Garlic ½ tbsp

Tomatoes ½ tbsp

Lime juice 1 tbsp

Sugar ½ tbsp

pinch of salt

Mix all the ingredients in the bowl. Then serve in fresh green leaves of banana that add freshness and change your mood.

If you are conscious about your health then these recipes are a complete bundle of vitamins, starch, fiber and carbohydrate you can satisfy your hunger and craving with these fantastic recipes. Just try them once at your home and enjoy with your family!