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The word durian derived from the Malay language in which duri means “spike” actually spike originated on the outer shell of the fruit. Durian traced back to 600 million years ago. Scientists and researchers were able to find its relationship with chocolate producing seed cocoa. Researchers also find that there are at least 30 durian species. Some are endangered and some are edible.

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Nutritional value

Nutritionally, it is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is the source of Vitamin B, C, E, thiamin, copper, iron and healthy fats. It also contains one very organic compound called tryptophan which is scientifically proved that it protects you from harmful cancerous cells and fights against cancer-causing factors. Tryptophan is also affected sleep-related disorder called insomnia.The insignificant amount of it will make your life fabulous by adding a small portion of it in your daily routine as a nutrition package for your own health purpose. The amount of potassium and calcium present in it which is another blessing for bones. The amount of calcium is not too good but potassium justifies 9% of daily requirements of the body.

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Interesting facts

  1. Durio zibethinus is the only specie that is available in the international market. All the other species are sold in their local regions.
  2. It is used for Anti-fever treatment and to relive Cough
  3. It is loaded with antioxidants.
  4. Normal cholesterol level promote by durian.
  5. It is naturally fell down when ripened.
  6. It helps to lower your bad cholesterol level.
  7. Its other species sold in the local region or market while Durio zibethinus only sold in the international market.
  8. It can grow only in the tropical region.
  9. About 600 years ago it was introduced to western society.
  10. It produced reddish, white, yellow flower which is arranged in clusters of 3-30.
  11. It produced fruit after 5 years.
  12. Its seed can be eaten after frying, roasting, and boiling.
  13. It is a perennial plant.
  14. It can survive 80 to 150 years in the wild.

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Why it causes smell?

Complete DNA Sequence of the durian mapped by many scientists in Malaysia who identified a group of genes that are the main cause of the smell. These genes named methionine lyases when fruit mature, genes are highly activated and produce the pungent smell.  These genes are responsible for the synthesis of volatile sulphur compounds. Its smell is onion-like. Actually, this smell attracts insects who eat it and then spread its seeds. The number of genes is 46,000 which actually double as compared to the human genome.