Durian blog

Why choose durian?

There are a lot of fruits in Malaysia, but why durian is the King of the fruit? Durian holds some distinguishable characteristics that create a difference from the common fruit. There are many types of durian, but one of the durian species is specially known as “The King of King of the fruits”, which is called as Musang king. It started to commercialized in Malaysia 40 years ago. You can get all the other varieties of durian here as Raub is one of the central of durian orchards in Malaysia which covered with a large number of durian orchards and typically known this place as a house of durian.

What is your first memory in Malaysia? 

Whenever you think about Malaysia or want to recall your memories, a very first memory hit upon your mind is durian. You can make your trip healthier and memorable by trying out this fruit. Once you taste it, you would want to try it again and again. If you visit Malaysia and never experienced this fruit, then definitely you miss something worthy. Besides, you can easily find this fruit in Malaysia, but you might ignore its tasty inner flesh due to its rough, stony and hard appearance and that’s why we have the quote saying that the hardest shell has the sweetest nut.  How can you identify durian, among other fruits? The primary thing that gets your attention is its main feature of thorny outlook. You can quickly identify durian among other fruits because the size of the fruit is bigger than usual fruits. It is about 30 cm long and 15 cm in diameter, whereas its weight, which is about one to three kg.


If you want to feel the real freshness of durian, then you must try it with Tip Top Durian, which is the durian delivery provider as the freshness of the durian is for 5 hours only. We could deliver durian straight from orchard to your destination, so you don’t have to travel a long way to durian orchard to have the freshest taste of durian. Durian has the sweet flavor with other aftertaste depending on the durian species, which leave the long-lasting taste between your taste buds. Moreover, when you place a spoon of it in your mouth, your tongue will feel silky, which durian start to melt in your mouth. Additionally, you could get your personal taste for every dish you made with it. It adds mind-blowing flavor with whatever combination and enhances the nutritional value of your meal as it’s every variety delivers a unique taste for your durian meal.

Nutritional value

Nutritionally, it is full of vitamins and antioxidants. It is the source of Vitamin B, C, and E. It also contains one very organic compound called tryptophan which is scientifically proved that it protects you from harmful cancerous cells and fights against cancer-causing factors. The insignificant amount of it will make your life fabulous by adding a small portion of it in your daily routine as a nutrition package for your own health purpose.


You can’t miss its stunning benefits and delicious taste as the durian king bestowed its blessings upon you. Besides its all benefits, it could act as a healthier tonner for your skin due to its lush nature could make your skin smooth. It’s highly fibrous food which makes your life easy if you are in a diet and you can enjoy your durian meal as your most robust dieting plan.

Bad news

It’s unfortunate and heart wrenching news for diabetic patients as its all benefits might not a healthier diet for diabetic patients. Due to the high sugar content of the durian, you must limit your intake of durian although you are one of the durian lovers. However, you must try durian once in a lifetime which will surely add another good memory in your food diary if you haven’t try durian before.