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Do you know there is trendy way to eat durian? Order durian online to get express delivery!

Do you know there is trendy way to eat durian? Order durian online to get express delivery! Most robust odor among the fruits

Durian is renowned as the King of the fruits in Malaysia and it is booming a lot of sub-industry. Its foul-smelling is the most apparent feature which some people could not bear with the strong odor as its pungent smell could permeate the room or even more far away. Despite talking about its scent, the taste of durian is quite a strange combination of bitter, sweet, and fermented. Its full-bodied flesh could be your satisfying meal after you munch on the durian. It even could provide you the aftertaste which the durian taste could linger your tongue within around 1-2 days.

Many people in Malaysia find it irresistible and always look out for premium durian whenever the durian season has arrived. However, some of them find its taste is unpleasant. No matter what, the influx number of durian stall and durian hawker deemed to meet the increasing demand of the durian lover. It’s odorous, even banned by certain public places and hotels.

Acquired taste of durian

Its spiny look and strong smell could be the reason you are attracting to or either it could be the reason you stay away from it. However, there is still some good news to Malaysia that many foreign travelers claimed that they linger for the durian taste and some travel companies even launch a one-day durian trip, particularly for durian lovers! Do you wonder how to get the right pick for the best tasting of durian?

If you are a fan of alcoholic beverages, you should try out the XO durian as its alcoholic taste might amaze you. How could fruit have this strange taste and you never could imagine the taste. If you are not that sweet tooth, Musang King and golden phoenix could be your choice as they have the bitterness taste. For the sweet lover, Red prawn is the sweetest among others. No matter what, there must be one type of durian you would favor if you dare to try out!

Did you know that durian is beneficial for your health?

Durians enrich with different nutrients that could nourish your body’s health. You should be aware as you could feel uncomfortably hot if you over-indulge on durians. There is saying that you shouldn’t take durian with alcohol because it could give you heartburn. Although you are delighted to know about the enrichment facts for its nutrition, you have to alert to its calories as eating one durian can rack up as much as 68 percent of the daily 2000 calories.

Although overconsumption could be your concern, you may try out another way to enjoy durian taste too such as durian cake, durian pancake, durian pizza, durian cookies, etc. Did you know that there is a more trendy way to have durian? Local residents create this as the durian is barbecued and served with the durian cendol (famous local food in Malaysia) and the smoky and refreshing tasting is a great combination at all.

A different choice to enjoy durian 

Durian species is diverse, including Musang King, XO, D101, D24, Red Prawn, and more, which you can’t deny more. Recently, Black Thorn is the superior quality among the durian species. It could cost you up to RM 95 per kg, which leading you to the enormous bill! However, you still could have Musang King as your choice.

Musang King is known as Mao Shan Wong. The newbie often curious about the way to choose the best durian, and you should know how to differentiate the better one. Please keep a lookout for durian in irregular shape as they are usually creamier and aromatic. Most durians come from Betong, Teluk Bahang, Raub Orchard Durian.

Funny Durian stories

The durian is exporting to various countries as more and more people favor for durian. In China, the dispute was occurred due to the durian thorn was accidentally pricked one of the other guy. Does this kind of situation happen to you before? Be cautious when you are holding or carrying durian on the street? Who knows you might hurt someone afterward?

One more thing could happen, you might buy a bad quality if you don’t know how to choose the right one. It occurred to me before which that I accidentally bought the Musang King but ended up brought home with the durian of non-Musang King. It made me so mad, whereby I force myself so hard to study the difference among the durians.

Here is one funny quote for the inexperienced, the durian season could be your nightmare as those pungent smell is everywhere. You always asked by someone who likes durian a lot with this kind of question, “Why you don’t like durians?” as if you are the weirdo if durian is not your preference.

There is a new way to have your durian. Really? Tell me more, please.

Nowadays, you could find the great taste and reasonable price from a durian stall, but you usually couldn’t find any durian merchant that could help you to transport the huge loaded of durian. Worry about durian load? Husband is not around when you desperately want to eat durian? Durian delivery could be your option if you’re going to save the hassle at the same time you could enjoy the freshly picked durian! Yes, such a piece of good news I want to share it with you! With durian delivery, you don’t have to travel far away to the orchard farm to have the freshest durian ever. Tip Top durian will instantly handpick and hand-pack durian according to your order, which then will directly deliver it to your house. Does it sound exciting for you? You shouldn’t miss out on this durian trend, call, and order at https://topduriandelivery.com/.